Looking for someone who is good at healing

If anyone is good at healing can someone maybe heal my dad he has a hole in his brain from water in the brain and he has pots disease it’s a heart condition and he also has fibromyalgia I know it’s a long shot but I mind as well try.

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Try marbas and raphael,eladiah,shahahiah…just try to worship some of them

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I don’t worship entities but I do respect them

Worship simply means to revere & adore, it isn’t about grovelling as the abrahamic faiths made it out to be.

The condition you describe your father to be in is unfortunate, and so far as energetic healing goes, to make noticeable and permanent difference could take a long time. As someone who has temporarily eliminated fibromyalgia in my partners using energy work, and regulates all my own body pains using energy work, the consistency and complexity with which this would have to be tackled is a sizeable project for any human being to take on by themselves, especially when it isn’t the person who is experiencing the issue directly, and that is why I must agree with @Geralt_Of_Rivia that you are better off establishing a connection with an entity strongly associated with healing and seeking guidance from them in this matter.

Leave them offerings, clearly state your intents, forge a relationship with them, if you respect & revere them, they may come to respect and revere you, and they will be more than happy to help and teach you, but don’t expect to get out more than you put in, these exchanges tend to be equal in my experience, although you may find that what you have to offer them isn’t what you were expecting to, best of luck on your quest


Thank you for putting it into perspective for me that actually makes a lot of sense to me