Looking for someone that is willing to lend ritual supplies and books

Is anyone willing to lend ritual supplies or books to a dedicated sorcerer I have no funds to support my magic

You don’t need any supplies. All you really need is your mind. Practice entering the theta/gamma sync. Open sigils to bring the money for materials and books. Use the Abremelin square you can find here on the forum. You can find the technique to do so in the newsletter archive.

No one will lend ritual tools as that disrupts the energies of them. Candles and incense are superfluous. They simply help you to obtain the necessary state. Books can be obtained in pdf form in the wilds of the interwebs.

2$ will get you a notebook and a few pens. Most anyone will lend you a dollar or two if you ask, or offer to wash their car windows or something like that. That will get you started to keep track of the results of your experiments, which as a dedicated sorcerer I’m sure you have already started.

Since you posted here you have access to the internet and this website, which already contain tens of techniques and exercises to practice with for months at least, if not years.

I hope people don’t get tired of me spamming this thread over and over, but this is exactly what I wrote it for:


Read that, read all the comments, read all the threads and links that it links to. Then all the threads and links that are linked in those threads. It will get you exercises, a bunch of free books, and info on a bunch of other cheap tools and books.

Like the others said, with a bit of time, patience, scrounging, and a whole lot of practice, you already have everything you need. So get going. :slight_smile:

Look if you want I have a large collection of esoteric pdf books of all kinds of pathworking,spells,rituals for different paradigms.Email me if you want anything I’ll be happy to help
E-mail:[email protected]

Candle Spells by Buckland will help, combined with the posts here on the forum. A simple candle spell should be able to get you some basic material assistance, if you can concentrate.

[quote=“Student of Goetia, post:6, topic:3440”]Candle Spells by Buckland will help, combined with the posts here on the forum. A simple candle spell should be able to get you some basic material assistance, if you can concentrate.[/quote]That was the book I used for my very first act of magick! It was a ritual to overcome fear, as I was fighting in a martial arts tournament for the first time.

Also to what people have said, this:


I have an extra tarot deck which I believe is from Anne stokes… As long as you’re in the US I’ll send it your way.

Hi there.
IF you have any talent with hand tools, I have a complete how-to guide on making ritual tools, right down to the anointing and binding when necessary.I posted it in here somewhere, you can look if you like, I don’t have many, I prefer to read.
I’m feeling generous today.
Tools are VERY important in the beginning, think of them as “training wheels”

I personally don’t use circles or triangles, but I have a few heavy hitters in my corner as well.would you ask someone over to your house to help you then lock them in a cage and scream at them? I think not.and they hate it when you draw the triangle too small.MY best works have come from JUST ASKING if there is anyone willing to help in XXXX working, you’d be surprised at who answers!If you need tools,
Here’s pages 1-8 of my book.I gave it to the world for free so unless someone copyrighted it for themselves, it is mine.

My name is Magus XXXXXXX.I am not a Magus because I choose to call myself
Magus,I am a Magus because I have earned the right to be called Magus.
I do not write this grimorie as a book to be sold,I write it that you might
grow from it as I have doing and living the things there in.
It is my hope that you will keep these things for your own use and that you feel
as I do,that being That enough is enough and greed comes of excess.I suppose
I could become quite rich peddling what I have learned,but who would grow from that,
and what benefit would yet another system of magic be to mankind if none grow from it?
power given is never fully appreciated and eventually abused.
To that end,I WILL NOT be taking you by the hand to where I am,I will be giving you
the tools and formula to get there yourself,a road map if you will.deviate from it at
your own peril.
I am neither a Kabbalist nor an Enochian,nor do I practice Goetia or Wicca,I am
a generic ritual sorcerer,my path is unknown to you until you read my words,HOWEVER
if you are learned in other paths,you will occasionally see similarities in them.
this could not be helped as 99% of my work was channeled from its ancient Egyptian source
and my benefactor forbade me to study other paths until a certain point in my
development,so I’m not stealing the work of others,good magic is good magic and
it all seems to descend from one root source.

The Sorcerer’s OTHER toolbox
I tend to be anal retentive about my ritual tools,therefore I
prefer to create my own whenever possible,to that end,other tools are involved.
the reason I insist upon making my own tools is that in their creation,
a bit of myself goes into them,in effect,they become extensions of myself
and my will.let us examine the tools we will be using to create our
tools with shall we?

A bench grinder
A small hand grinder with a sanding bonnet
sandpaper of various coarseness
a propane torch
solder and flux
cotton twine
natural lacquer
water based urethane
permanent markers,both fat and sharp
acrylic paints
embroidery floss
100% cotton cloth
super glue
needle nosed wire cutting pliers
locking vice grips
a machinists vice
a hacksaw or jigsaw with both metal and wood cutting blades
2 files,1 large coarse cut,1 small fine,cut
A rotary tool such as a dremmell with a selection of bits
an electric engraving pencil
an electric drill and bits
a hammer
a rubber mallet
A crock pot
A food processor,neither to be used for food EVER!

Colors for the cloth,yarn,paint,markers and embroidery floss

Deep blue
Gold or yellow

Tools for the hardcore

A candle making kit
am electric welder
a cutting torch
a forge
a crucible
a herb garden

Some handy skills
pipe brazing and sweating metals
candle craft
making incense and essential oils
leather work

Handy materials
potassium nitrate or saltpeter
copper sulphate
iron powder
powdered rust
mercury or quicksilver
non magnetic stainless,inconell ideally

Woods you will need


Pre construction ritual

Go to your shop or work area and make sure that
everything you need is ready.

Have your tool planned in advance,but it is OK to listen to
the muses as well.

Go to your bathroom and burn some cedar and mint to purge the area.

Wet yourself thoroughly in the shower and rub down with salt,rinse well.

add some sage to the mint and cedar in your brazier and bathe in the fumes.

dry off.

while naked,take a moment to center and ground and collect your thoughts.

This ritual also works for job interviews and meeting new people.

This is why to do the ritual,
it purges energies you might have collected in your
daily life and allows your own energies to surface
and enter your work.the energies of others tend to
plate your aura and mask your true energy from others.

Cooling hot metals and tempering

Ritual tools need not be tempered or even sharpened when used
by experienced hands,HOWEVER I make my tools as if my very life
depended upon them,so to that end…

high carbon steels which knives are made of are heated dull red
and quenched in oil,it makes the metal springy and hold a good edge.

medium carbon steel,such as a large knife or sword is made of quenches
in oil or water.

Low carbon steel or iron quenches in water.

Stainless steel hardens in ammonia,however I hate stainless steel
for ritual tools UNLESS it is used by a healer or as a silver substitute.

The magic behind the mechanics
Crude oil is the blood of the earth,in its unrefined state,it contains
powerful telluric energies,the same goes for unpurified deep well spring water.

Rain water is full of energies not easily gathered,lightning adds fire to the
obvious water connection.USE IT FRESH!

Ocean and lake water also carry some lunar connections as well,
choose your quenching medium wisely!

Making an Athame.

For this particular tool,I used a 3x18x3/16 piece of medium carbon steel
known as hot rolled steel by machinists and welders,or black steel.
it makes a decent sword,but a poor small knife,which needs better edge holding abilities,
it will bend permanently if flexed more than 45 degrees.
I chose this particular steel so I could illustrate how to build an athame

I begin with classical music for the air element.
Then I draw the form of a roman gladius on the blade using a ruler and a
magic marker,making sure the sides of the point are even,then using a clamp,I
fix it to my work table and use the hacksaw to cut out the point,
I only apply pressure on the forward stroke to keep from wrecking the blade!
Then I draw out the grip,I used a concave rather than the classic roman
design mainly because its easier to cut out without a grinder to dress the edges square.
next,I dress the edges down ALMOST SHARP with the file,again,only putting pressure
on the forward stroke for the same reason as with the saw.then I heat the blade using a BBQ
grill and a hair drier to a dull red,then using tongs,quickly quench it in water.
to test it,beat it with a hammer,if it doesn’t break,you did OK!

Now for my ultra simple, uber effective,handle wrapping!
you need.
unbleached cotton twine
natural lacquer
3 powdered sage leaves
1 spoonful of powdered oak charcoal
a pinch of sulfur
a few drops of your own blood

Drill a blind hole in the grip and put a drop of mercury in it,seal
it with paper tape and hot wax.

pre wrap the handle with enough twine to cover the grip 3 times to
see how much you need.

mix a quarter cup of the lacquer in a paper cup with the other ingredients
and soak the twine in it.

using rubber gloves,wrap the handle tightly and use a small screwdriver
to tuck under the loose ends.

allow a week to dry and cure,then give it a coat of the lacquer to utterly seal it.
you may want to paint any personal sigils on the grip before doing so.

consecrate it.
There are several methods depending on the nature of your magic,a generic consecration
would be to burn sage in a censer to cleanse the blade by passing it into the smoke
three times,then three times through the flame of a yellow candle and say¨I consecrate you
to the element of air.¨

And finally,engrave on it the sigil of your patron,your personal sigil,and the sigil of
the element it is consecrated to,then magnetize the blade so the point is the northern

Background music
Not many magicians know,and fewer yet will tell,that
emotions are directly connected to elements, so when forging a tool
it is a good idea to listen to music which evokes the proper
emotions to go with the element represented by the tool.
For instance,the athames construction would use music which instills
awe,wonder,power,and determination and all the other emotions
associated with the air element,or for black magick and the fire element,
rage and power.
The end use of a tool sometimes changes its elemental association,you see.
an athame used for high or grey magic might in some cases be linked to water!

In my path,wands are linked to the water element ORDINARILY…
they can be linked to ANY element,being,or nature conceivable.
they can be made of various woods,metals,or even bone!so to save
writing a book on the subject,I ll tell you about some of my favorites.

This was the most involved of my wands to date,I call it uncle Al because
I made it around the principles of majick save that I didn’t link it to an
element,that oversight may have led to its destruction.

Uncle Al began as an 18 inch long piece of locust,a very hard and springy wood.
Stripped of its spines and lovingly polished with my own blood,sweat,and semen
mixed in tung oil,a process which took a full month,then under the gaze of a full
moon,I fitted it with a silver end cap,and a magnetized bolt in the business
end,bored a hole in the grip and placed 3 drops of mercury,blood,and sweat
sealed with wax and another magnetized bolt,then in the heat of the afternoon sun,
I wrote my declaration of magic on a lambskin and wrapped it spell side in around the
grip and wrapped it in leather thongs.
This was an incredibly powerful tool!any ritual I used it in was always a
success,I could enforce my will upon candle flames and incense smoke with it
with ease,then one night while charging a chalice of water,I heard a wet pop and
my palm began to sting,I looked and white smoke was drifting out from between my fingers
and the bolt was driven into the palm of my hand,Ive never heard of a wand shorting out,
but something caused the mercury in the grip to explode!Ive since repaired it,
but its never been the same wand,its powers are spotty at best.

My second favorite wand,its powers are lunar based and yet growing.its construction
make it a healers tool,but the copper over iron also lend it to black magic in the
wrong hands.it is made from a copper gelded ground rod,I capped it in silver and
gave it a grip similar to my athame,Artemus has an interest in it,I consecrated it
in sandalwood and it has a good feeling energy to it and is somewhat magnetic,I doubt this one
will explode.

My first wand from my early days,it is a water oak shaft with a clear quartz crystal
imbedded in one end with twine and pine resin sealed with shellac,it was primarily a
defensive tool until I made the mistake of using it in a Voidian power ceremony and
got it corrupted,since Voidian energies do not banish,it is ruined sadly.

Primarily a kabbalists tool with some Crowley added for spice,a friend supplied the
materials,paid me in advance and promptly disappeared,and I’m stuck with it.
Its a phallus shaped oak rod with a silver end cap and a mercury filled butt tapped with
a long magnetic bolt,it rests in a red cotton pouch and had never been used until I
got bored and discovered it has a knack for black magick.its a pretty piece of work!

Finding your resonative materials.

My resonative Materials are:
and oddly,plastic
It took me months to figure out what they were,but during that time I developed a system to find the best ones with little to no trouble,the materials are used for ritual tools and amulets.

Here is how to choose your materials:
you need:
a blindfold
heavy gloves
a box
and a selection of materials to test.
Place the materials in a box for at least a week and DO NOT TOUCH THEM!when you go to test them:
Center but do not ground.
Put on the gloves and blindfold.
move a sample to your"third eye"the more incompatible it is the more harshly it will react with your auric field,the better it resonates with you,the closer the sample will get before it reacts,an ideal sample will poke you in the forehead and you’ll never feel it coming.a similar method can be used to find which material resonates with your elemental chakara or"thrones" as we call them.

[Thrones house the elemental natures,more on that later.]

My example is:
Mage/third eye/water-silver and non magnetic stainless steel.

Child/throat chakara/void-copper

Ascended/chest chakara/air-steel/iron.

warrior/solar plexus/earth-oak and iron

Daemon/groin chakara,aluminum/bone/and oak.

I shall note that non magnetic stainless and silver resonate the same to me,but not to you necessarily.I believe it to be the nickel used in alloying both.

Bone and ivory:
Well cured specimens seem to resonate well with everyone,it finally dawns upon me why my benefactors insist upon its use in athame handles,for an organic link between the tool and the user.and Egyptian text describes how the priests of Set used
Hippo Ivory wands,which I thought odd as my benefactor uses no wand.

How to use your wand [or athame] to its fullest potential!

Notice your heart beat,feel it pulsing in your body,this is ALSO your energy center.
By concentrating your will,move the pulse around your body,into your fingers and toes etc.
Next,move the pulse up into your ritual tool and feel it linger for a moment,YOU ARE NOW DIRECTING ENERGY!
Now point your tool at a candle,hanging pendulum,or stream of incense smoke and direct their movements using your energy.practice often and ground to different energies,you will be utterly amazed at the results!!!

The care and feeding of consecrated tools

How to keep them safe and charged up?by putting them in color to element cloth sacks.

My example:
wand:blue-water element,lunar associations
Athame:yellow or gold-air element,solar associations
Flail/scourge:red-fire element,lust magic
sword:green,earth element.
Book of shadows,black-Void element.

Other altar goodies

The chalice-water element

The offering bowl-fire element? maybe earth.

The censer-fire obviously.

Making a collapse able altar

you will need:
a 36x36x 3/4"piece of plywood
4 1 1/2" pvc pipes cit to stand up to your navel
á 1/4" drill bit nuts and bolts
a 1 1/2" spade drill for the wood

Take your piece of plywood and from each corner mark a 2" center,then use the spade drill to bore out a hole in each corner.
then take your pvc pipe legs and drill a 1/4 inch hole through both sides
3/4" from one end on each leg,put a bolt through each hole and put a but to hold it on,repeat until done.then paint or varnish the table as you see fit,you might even drape it with an altar cloth.

Now you have a portable altar that comes apart in moments to store.

The Meat of my majick

My path begins with some unusual tools,stuff you can’t just go buy.it also modifies the uses of other tools,these tools are linked directly to a 5 chakara/elemental system known to my path as the "universe"
The system is:
Mage/Crone-third eye chakara-water element,wand tool.

Child/throat chakara-void element,book of shadows tool.

Ascended/chest chakara-air element,dagger and shephard’s crook.

Warrior/navel chakara-earth element,was ceptre or sword.

Daemon,groin chakara-fire element,flail tool.

Note that the warrior and ascended thrones are reversed in a few people.

From out of the thrones proceed the five natures of my path,focusing an intent through the proper throne magnifies its energy many fold.

The tools and the how and why.

The wand.
In my path the wand is associated with the water element due to the wave-like resonation of the mage/crone throne.

The book of shadows.
It is the repository of your learning and the child throne is the nature of seeking and learning,hence the void element.

The dagger and crook.
Both these tools are used by the ascended nature whose element is air,I should note that the crook is only used with the was ceptre or flail and NEVER to be used to open a ritual.The dagger should have a handle of ivory or bone or else wrapped in undyed cotton twine over the grip to make an organic link between the user and tool,it is used for tracing sigils and working energy currents and can be linked to fire as well as air[solar] in some events.the crook is a simple walking cane with a curved grip,it is used for healing,teaching,and when used with the flail,mind control.it is an ancient symbol used by the pharaohs and even Jesus to show authority and is for benign workings.

The was or sword is used by the warrior throne,whose element is earth and whose resonation is mechanical,it is used to cast circles.by its nature,the was can replace the sword or vice versa

The flail
The five strapped elemental flail is used mainly for workings of self gratification,mind control or self-gnosis meditations,also fun in sex magic when the fire thrones are linked before sex.

That just gave me an idea for a thread where members can offer stuff they don’t need to members who need it. I don’t need anything right now, but I’ll look through my stuff for things I can part with.

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