Looking for some guidance

I’ve been away from the forum for a while now, but today I return looking for guidance.
On the 24th a Haitian fellow at work approached me with a small velvet bag. He held it out to me and said “Legba wants you to have this”. The bag contains a set of small carved futhark runes. This guy and I have spoken maybe twice ever. I’m confused of why he’d want me to have it. I don’t follow norse paganism.


You don’t have to follow norse paganism to use the runes and the powers assigned to them. You don’t have to follow any religious path at all in fact or specific branch of practice to start making use of them.

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I’m not so concerned with using the runes as for the whole scenario. Its just odd. And as far as I know I’ve never had any dealings with Papa Legba. So I don’t know why he would have a gift for me.

It is odd. But have you considered that maybe he caught sight of you one day and your energy was giving something off and when he did his Magick stuff later on you were thought about or something similar?

Also though…I’ve been thinking about someone before and a spirit has just approached me about them. It could also be true that when he was doing his magick stuff with Papa Legba you just suddenly came up?

Strikes me as weird and I’m not sure I would have accepted it, but it doesn’t seem like he’s out to get you. Maybe watch a video or read an article about Haitian traditions and/or Papa Legba or the runes in the bag and see if anything stands out? Or maybe think about what in the bag could be a blessing for you and then just keep it around for a while?

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I’d thought about it being bad but I tend to pride myself on catching/blocking curse type things. However I don’t know much of anything about voodoo. So it could be something entirely different that doesn’t even register.
I’m trying to decide now what to give him back because giving nothing feels like a bad plan. Bad as far as being a decent person and also I don’t want anyone/thing that may be better than me taking any offense.

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Can’t help you with what to give back, but have you considered asking why he chose the items inside or asking why he thinks the bag was in order when you speak again?

I’d definitely planned on asking about it, its just super strange.

That is pretty wild, but may be part of your journey. Maybe reach out to papa legba, I haven’t done much voodoo but have read some there is a ritual for him. Voodoo deities from my limited knowledge work close with people. Papa legba is a gate keeper and may see something in your practice. I would check it out and of course do your due diligence. Voodoo works more like being chosen many try and if the Iwa isn’t interested then you don’t get contact. But papa legba might just see a good magician and think you should work with runes. That is really interesting and keep us posted I would journal this.

I wouldn’t be scared offer I think he likes candy, rum, look at what he likes. If runes aren’t his jam and he gifted it just return the favor and talk like gents.

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Close your eyes … … ask Legba to show you WHY he wants you to have them…put your hand in the bag pull out a rune and tell us all which one you picked.

If you pick this one …

Then you know the answer.

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Please don’t return this gift. Which Futhark runes did he give you?

I don’t have much advice besides not returning the gift.

But I found this post interesting because I had something similiar happen a couple weeks back. Although mine was a dream , it was very similiar to what you described. Someone I didn’t know gave me a gift from him and said “Legba wants you to have this” . but instead of runes,it was something else. I found it odd too as I never had dealings with him or have any voodoo/hoodoo knowledge. I’ve had a couple more dreams about him since

I’d be interested to know if you find any answers to what /why it happened

For clarification i hadn’t planned to return the runes but give a gift in return.

Also I asked outloud why I was given the runes, pulled one and it was Fehu.

So I guess thats good?

Dont know to be honest, I cant see any link between Legba and Fehu but that is just me. Fehu is kind of the beginning Rune as such ‘new beginnings’. On those grounds it might kind of make sense, but why Legba ? The Lwa or Loa are mysterious for sure and we in the West are not really on that current which adds to the mystery. Maybe the guy was just giving you his kind of old stuff after maybe stepping into the current of the Lwa, as such he said a present from Legba as Legba might have told him to get rid of his old beliefs or studies or pathway, as such he gave his runes to you.

Not sure. I’ve spoken to the guy since and he said he was raised in a voodoo household. I met a lady at work who said he also gave her a copy of Grimorium Verum which she said is no use to her because she’s a 1734 practitioner.
So I’m thinking he may just be swinging wild with gifts for people he feels something different about.
All in all it’s still weird.


Yeah, I would have done that shit; initiated you into some mana with a magic tool.

Fehu begins here. It reminds me of the mark that Gandalf leaves on Bilbo’s door so it can be recognized by dwarves . . . or viking enthusiasts.

The Fehu “call to adventure” could point to Freja or Frigga, hopefully Fenrir is just what you name your coolest puppy ever.

If Fehu is the beginning, what’s the end? I can’t remember the final rune in the futhark.