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Hello everyone. I have been practicing some rituals for weeks now with the archangels and things did start to work for me. I am noticing that I am getting some of the things I wanted and feel very grateful for their assistance. I am also seeing that when I resist a change I had wanted, things go right back to the way they have always been. This feels like my resistance to the changes, is canceling out my ritual. What can I do to stop ruining the results for myself?

Another thing happening is I am having changes in my energy levels. I have had mental health issues for most of my life, so it’s good to feel positive and upbeat. But I am a little scared of losing control and sometimes am wondering if I am. I have had less depression which is great but a lot more irritability, which the archangel rituals don’t seem to help with. I feel great but I can switch over to anger quickly. I’ve had an anger problem and it’s caused me a lot of problems in my life.

I don’t work with any other spirits or magic but am wondering if anyone has some ideas which could help me with moodiness. I used to see a therapist but it didn’t work out.


I know how yiu feel. Most days k wake up pissed the fuck off. I felt like shit last three days withdrawing from pills, and when i dont have them my head gets all out of wack and controlling the anger is challenging. I impressed myself last night tho. I was feelimg like absolute shit all day. But when i went to bed i decided to focus on nothingness. Lay down and just imagined a white room with nothing, no emotion, no thought, no feeling. Just focused on the absense of everything.

I slept like a rock and even tho i woke up without a pill, i wasnt angry. I specifically asked lucifer to help me with this and i usually dont have the self control. Thank you Lucifer.

Yeah bud, meditate when you see yourself getting worked up. Alter your thoughts to something feels better. Say for example you tell yourself “why is my life always shit”, this internal mantra shapes the universe to making your life shit… so when you notice your thoughts go there instead try to really feel it and say “why am i always so lucky?” Or “why do good things always come my way?” Try to make this a habit and when things make you happy and go right, feel as much gratitude for it as you can. Doing this will shift the universe in your favor. The more you work at it, the easier and more natural it will become.


Hi, thank you for sharing your experience with me. I am the same way, I find I usually wake up anxious or irritable for a couple of weeks now. I am unsure if I can safely get off of medication, but that’s some positive results you were able to get the self control to do it. I have not worked with Lucifer really but have been reading about him as I have felt drawn to him for like 2 months now.

I’m gonna try what you said about changing my thoughts and inner speech to something more positive, when I’m angry to see if it helps. It helped writing about this here too :slightly_smiling_face:


@Sonic What helps me is picturing my thoughts as fish swimming around my head. Some will be eratic swimming all over the place when i think alot.

Mentaly bring them all together. Notice how fast they are swimming either clockwise or anti clockwise. Then mentaly slow them down. As you do your thoughts will slow down.

You can even stop them. Or make them swim backwards. Which for me sounds like jibberish and makes me laugh (shifting your feelings) Do this as much as you can throughout the day and it will become easier.

After that drop your focus from the head area, to the middle of your chest and keep your focus there as much as you can. Dropping the mind. You can focus on any part as long as its below the head. Might take a bit of practice and feel a bit wierd to start with. Youll get used to it.

Start with one thing at a time until it becomes natural then add another one when your ready.

The affirmations that @Oneis3 mentioned also help and are important. Shift your thoughts, shift your reality.


Idk what kind of music your into? But during this recent most fucked mercury retrograde, i learned that marilyn mansons newest album **Heaven Upside Down** has powerful bineral beats incorporated in his music. Should be listen to with headphones as his music is designed to create alchemical changes. Very dark and healing album. Powerful. Got me thru the shit time. :sweat_smile:

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I was LITERALLY going to post a nearly same thing.For a month things were going slow but ok,today its like world fell apart,I am like going insane and nothing works,cant even think straight at the moment.

Thank you @SHaDoWSToRM696 I wonder if I can learn to do something like that, to imagine my thoughts as fish. It does help though to focus attention somewhere lower on the body. It’s giving me some relief.

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Yea I know what you mean, I kept on going on with a steady couple of rituals a week for several weeks. I got so used to things never really changing in my life, that part of me wasn’t even sure it would work.

Now I feel a huge rush of energy and changes, I can just try to get some balance and not freak out. :flushed:

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Sounds like an issue with attachment.

Magick is a lifestyle choice. If you cannot let go of your emotional attachment to desired outcomes. You will only bring yourself anxiety and your life will go in the opposite direction of your desire.

This principle is why the stereotype “all magic comes at a price” exists. If you desire a specific outcome, when the outcome manifests, you will hold onto the parts you dont like and assume thats the cost. Its not, its simply a result of the changes that were necessary to bring your desire into fruition.

When thinking about whether your magic succeeds or not, think bottom line literal. You want a large sum of money with no work? Might get hit by a car and collect,disability the rest of your life, but the spell worked you got your money