Looking for opinions/help on something

So last night while I was at work I was continuing research on Lucifer and demons hat I possibly want to work with. While I was driving home something just told me to say a prayer to Lucifer asking for help and guidance on a situation that I have going on in my life. Once I had thanked him for listening, because part of me felt like he was, all the street lights down the street went out. I don’t know if that was a good or bad sign but I believe that was him. Then today I was listening to the radio and certain songs started playing, ones that do have to do with my situation that I was asking for guidance on, and it wasn’t spread out it was back to back.Another thing that happened today was when I was at work I asked for one case number (i am a first responder) and the last 3 numbers out of 6 were 666.

I guess I am just trying to see what ya’ll make of this. Being new to working with demons and Lucifer I’m not 100% sure and what ya’ll recommend me doing next.

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You claim to be new and are conducting research. Have you conducted any rituals yet? If you have performed rituals it seems to be a very strong response that you have been heard. Stay focused these signs seem to be a warning.

I’ve done my own rituals before. I’ve been practicing on and off for about 10 years. I just never tried with working with a specific spirit before and wanted to do my research before hand.

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There are several messages perhaps you are entering the world of the LHP which is indicated by 666 and you could encounter pitfalls as the path leads to many different directions depending on your goals, hence darkness the street lights all going off. The songs deal with your requests that could be acceded to if the deity finds your requests worthy as well as future worship and rituals.

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In magic synchronicities are very important. Spirits talk that way