Looking For Knowledge

Looking for instructions on how I can successfully summon Bune. I’ve attempted multiple times using both of his sigils to no avail can someone who actually knows what they are doing hit me up please

Have you activated the sigil?

I strongly recommend using EA Koetting’s Incantation to Summon Forth. That’s what worked for me after failing many times before. This is the incantation. You can use it for any spirit by substituting another name, but here it is for Buné:

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

Edit: Just a heads up that “Me” is pronounced “May”, and “Itz” is pronounced “Eatz”.


I’m pretty much a novice lol so no I didn’t know you had to.

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Yeah give that a go!

I used this incantation and it does work so I would recommend it as well. I an new and it works for me

This is what @Csiriso means by “activate”:


What’s the proper pronunciation of the words??

If you really want to learn how to evoke I suggest reading EA Koetting’s book Evoking Eternity or Mastering evocation video course by EA but I think that book Evoking Eternity may be better…

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