Looking for help to bring my ex back please!l?

Lusting for results can hinder them as well. Just saying that happens quite often. Seen it here quite often.

Ok I’m out now. :v:


@Maryjane I edited your title because it is against the rules of this forum to offer to pay for magical services, which opens you up for scammers and trolls to take advantage. It is also against the rules for anyone to offer such services.

Please also be aware that posting the photo of a target of magical spells without their permission can get the owners of this forum into legal trouble, so the photo you posted was removed. Do not post it again.


is it?

i did not know that

Introduce yourself as the Knight told you.

Then, here, I wrote a tutorial on this one:

This aren’t the only ways you can do it, there other spirits (Amon, La Santa Muerte) that can help you, but it is a start.

I’m really sorry about that, thNk you for let me know, I introduce myself already :blush:

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The only people allowed to offer magical services for money on the forum are those who work directly with BALG and @C.Kendall is the only one with that privilege currently. Others can put links to their own site offering services in their profile, but not on the public forum.

As for photos:

While only cursing is specifically mentioned, love spells can be considered such if the person in question has no interest, and declaring intent to put a spell on someone can be taken as a threat.

Also, remember this forum is open to a Google search, and people may not take too kindly to their photo being on an occult website.

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Ok I understand everything thank you for removed the photo and sorry again…0


Maybe some other person then your spell caster could have a look on their situation.

Also, you have to trust, no doubts and you shouldn’t lust for the results, which means, that you have to be calm about the situation and don’t make your happiness dependent on fast results. I know - it’s annoying. :sweat_smile:

Sometimes, or quite often, it takes time unfortunately.

Do you know anyone who can check the situation for me ?

Different methods are possible.
(Tarot) readings, Pendulum, Scrying etc.



Look into these categories for example to find out about the different methods.

Yes but i mean im not able to do by myself…im looking for someone who can check for me what is saying this ritualist…maybe is not true…because if he is feeling the result of magick and there is not sign its wierd right ?

How did you meet this ritualist? And you did rituals together with her? So you met her in person?

Hm one person which i met on polish forum she recommended me her. I didn’t met her face to face everything was online, she check him and me and we made the love spell together…then she checked him and she told me this.

I don’t have any proof that she was doing in the same time ritual…just what she is telling me thats why i want that someone possible will check this…

He might have positive entities protecting him , there are entities that can bring you a lover who you will love far more than him , try making offerings to The Archangel Anael .

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Hm…i think ritualist she could see this entuties…how i could contact Archaniel Archangel?

Maybe Your strong desire is strangling it from happening from an energetic perspective , if you always on a state of desire then the universe reflects you having more desire , but once you let go and not care so much you leave room for him to come in

Should I just don’t care and don’t think about him? I’m feeling if i will do like that the result will be in opposite side…

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Yes you have too , in a book called reality transurfing there’s a concept of excess potential , when you are too focused on a specific outcome you send too much energy too it and get the opposite , stop caring for a week and generate good emotions within yourself , I have never seen someone manifest in a needy or angry state , hope this helps

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I’m strongly against love spells and trying to “get your ex back” with these methods, for various reasons that I won’t analyze here, but I’ll tell you a few things about your problem, and i’ll be totally honest with you.

You don’t need to hire anyone, you can do it yourself.

Forget the complicated spells, simplicity most of the times is better and more effective than a show-off ritual.

Understand that you need to let your mind go from lusting for results. It won’t happen within a day, or within weeks, it might take months but eventually it will. Until then, know that you will suffer and break down over and over again. And your magick or other people’s magick will be ineffective exactly because you don’t let go. Some times, your great desire can be the reason for your greatest failure.

Try with meditation. Get your brain into delta waves. If you’re not experienced with meditation or unable to do so without falling asleep, try binaural beats in delta waves. I assume you have no contact with him anymore, so start simple: Calm your mind and body and visualize that he’s texting your or calling you. Communication is a very basic step, before he even considers to get back with you.

Do a very basic honey jar. Write his name in a piece of paper, your name in another, place the 2 papers together with the names facing each other, fold 3 times and tie them with a red string. place the paper in a small jar, add honey or syrup, some sugar too if you want. Seal with white, pink or red candle. During the whole process focus on the result. Focus and not obsess about it. The result you want from this is to make him a bit “sweeter” with you. More soft. Not to bring him back. Store it somewhere where you won’t see it daily, like at the top of your closet for example.

Do a freezer spell for the bitch. Cut half onion, write in a small piece of paper her name and birthday (if you know only the name its good enough. If you don’t know her name but know how she looks like, bring her image in your mind. Along with all your hate. Spit on it if you want to show your despise. If you know nothing at all, then just write “my rival” or “every other woman”) Fold the paper, take the core out from the onion and where the core was place the paper. Place the onion with the paper inside an aluminium foil, and before you close it add vinegar and black pepper. Don’t forget to hate and state your desire “to leave his life forever and become sour towards him no matter what he does”. Then place the whole thing in your freezer. You can also do the good old feces spell for her. Cut a piece of paper, write her name, literally take a shit and wipe your ass with it. Flush it down. Simple yet it makes their life shit in many aspects.

Understand that no matter what, all this might take months until you start seeing any kind of results.

Understand also that he might never come back as your boyfriend. And definitely he will never be the same as he was.

Oh and something last: Stop asking for readings. The more you get readings the more you obsess about it.

Good luck