Looking for help for banishing spell

Hi All, im Lavender curious to learn more Magick. I am new to this but have been doing lot of research recently and few spells some work some dont which raises a lot of questions and confusions.

I would be glad to all the teachers guides mentors here to help get more power support suggestions & solutions.

currently it would be a lot helpful to know more on Banishing spells.

can we do banishing spell on behalf of someone?
i have a situation where my friend is stuck with a relative who is causing real pain and it is not easy to move away from that person as that person is my friends relative forced to stay under one roof. it would be really helpful if you could help with banishing spell that works hard to fix the problem.

To detail, that person is poisoning everyones mind with against my friend including my friends husband. I would be really glad and thankful if you can give any suggestion to get the trouble maker out of my friends life or protect my friend.

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I do it. Not once nor thrice. So I believe ‘we can’.

Can you help me with the spell. I hv always done it for myself. It would b helpful if u can let me know how u did the whole thing…

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Sure, I can but I barnish differently, not the ones talked about on the forums. And I’m all Angels. If you don’t mind…

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Nope I dont mind. Please tell me how to do it on behalf of someone. Or there is another solution to my problem is that I need to make that person love my friend rather than hating her or poisoning others mind against my friend. If there is any spell for this also will help.

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Spell: Umuratur pinterolur pintarulu pinturulur pinturulura umarur unarru; clupttur ittur uptur (your friend’s name or full name) isttur (that person’s name) istturran.

Example: Umuratur pinterolur pintarulu pinturulur pinturulura umarur unarru; clupttur ittur uptur Angel Di Maria or Di Maria isttur Beyonce Knowles or Beyoncé istturran.

The incense to burn is lavender, lovendar, saffron, rose or blueberries, then say the Spell, but if you don’t have it, no problem. Do it 3 days consecutively. You may pass it to your friend too to cast the spell.

The spell is written in the language of magician. Freshly gotten from my guardian, and I’m sending it directly to you.

It can also be used to make a husband love his wife or wife her husband greatly. Especially a man that beat his wife, doesn’t see any good in her, if used on him, the true love will return. And to pin down a woman if you don’t want her to pack out of your house, the words to be written on a clean A4 paper, her full name and mother’s name added or the hair on her head bla bla bla.

If you have any question…