Looking for Experienced Mages to Interview

I am conducting a series of interviews for my blog:

While I’m specifically looking for experienced necromancers, if you state your specialty, I might interview you as well.

This is about you and your work. You can use as much privacy as you wish and I’ll run any edits by you.


I’m a kaos mujishin. 10 years deep. I’ve had successful necromantic forays into the land of the dead, but it’s not my specialty. I specialize in the actual mechanics of mentality, emotions, body work, psycho-social magic and how they come together under a holistic lens.

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Im going to steal that term :grin:



Have you any interviewees yet? Didn’t mean to hijack your thread earlier.

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Yep. But I can add a few more.

I’m interested not as experienced as most but I am an “exsperimest” with all sorts of magic and tend to try and merge them together for some crazy results.

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PM me and I’ll send you the questions. Same goes for others.

I’d be open to being interviewed