Looking for basic info on Norse, Celtic, English and German Magick

I am new to this, 20 years of age I am trying to find the right path to start with. Im looking for some basic information on the different paths that are available. I have already done my research on the thousands of threads about right and left hand paths. I am now interested in seeking out the actual practices.

I imagine that everyone has a disposition to a certain path based on blood. Just like someone with A type blood Is going to have an easier time going vegetarian because their DNA says they don’t need as much protein (It doesn’t matter if you believe this scientifically proven fact, just take it as an example) . So I am looking for information primarily on Norse, Celtic, English and German practices.

I seek only to benefit myself and others. I would never intentionally do harm to anyone around me.

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If u are bilingual will help. But its not much on English, i usually look fot french titles in amazon and then reverse to enghlish., i recomend tipe a book in amazon kindle, lulu. Com., abrbooks, and see hoe it goes, maremagnun. Com is a giid optcion. Olus bookfinder.

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