Looking for advice/suggestions

I am a relatively new member so i did not know where to post this. And yes i have been using the search function. I have had a lot of issues going on in life and instead of griping about them i have been reflecting inward to grow and develop. In doing so(and with my wife’s complaints) I have realized that i have issues with selfishness. I’ve looked and yet can’t find any threads specifically focused on working with beings to develop and improve selflessness within your own self. Are there any meditations i can work with or beings i can start to journey with? I am currently not approaching Lucifer or Paimon so those two are at the moment not options, but i am looking for any suggestions available. Cheers and thanks for all responses

let me ask you a couple things. Are you a “people pleaser”? You said your wife TOLD you that you were selfish. so is that REALLY your discovery?

I honestly suggest that you work with Asmodeus. Within a month of working with him, I came to realize, interestingly enough, that I wasn’t being nearly selfish enough. I was living my life to please other people, giving and giving when I had nothing to give. Accepting other peoples judgement of me. Even if i’m wrong in my assessment of the situation. Asmodeus is fantastic at helping you find the REAL YOU. He is a total gentleman, eloquent and witty. He is very easy to work with, and can help with a great many things. … If SELFLESSNESS is what you want, what you really, really want, he isn’t for you. But I will tell you this valuable lesson I learned the hard way, “selflessness is a WEAKNESS, seek instead for an “enlightened” form of selfishness” Fill your bowl first, so that you have more to share

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