Looking for a spirit or spell to aid in writing lyrics into success for my label

I have had some writers block recently and am a upcoming musician that has
Started his own music recording label(hip-hop)
Anything that can aid in my pursuit for fame and lyrical genius.
Also i want to be able to visualize things in my minds eye…as if seeing pictures…this would aid my progress in all aspects of my success. If there is anything i can do in bringing this forth??
&Thanks to all my fellows: /

Azazel inspires words, Buné (Bim) gives eloquence (words, poetry) and Amdusias inspires music. Amdusias is the best spirit for musicians.

The Joy of Satan website has tons of meditations available. I do not recommend joining that organization as it promotes Nazi beliefs, but it’s practical to all that info all in one place.

Very good Hindu mantras that help with visualization:

Uuh joy of satan, thats where the all started for me. Still don’t know did the dedicate your soul ritual work or not and its been… 8 years at least.

Shame that there are no such cults in my country, at least for my knowledge - so much rhp stuff only… But hey, i can form my own - even if it includes only me :smiley:

Although even if i did believe that then, i’m not sure anymore if Enki and Satan/Lucifer are the same.

There are a number of gods and spirits dedicated to it. Apollo, the Muses, in fact, most Greek gods are wonderful at inspiring for music. I guess you might want to choose a deity based on what you want the music to be about. Aphrodite for a love song, Dionysus for wild and deep music, etc.