Looking for a precise tarot reading for my situation

Ok so its a very complex and long story, but basically I need someone who would be willing to invoke the spirit of The Morrigan and do a tarot reading for me in order figure out which life path I’m currently on due to a lot of hit and miss clairvoyant events I’m not sure if I’m still headed in the right direction or not.

I can explain more if needed, but I really need someone to ask her if everything will still culminate in my favor or if these missed visions are a sign I’ve fallen astray from my favored outcome and how to get back on the right track towards this outcome.

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Honestly you can get a tarot,a session a medium a reading etc pendelum but it say yes and be like 1 day o 3 days then no or maybe,signs show up but it’s not a clear answer until you get you wish you are in Limbo

The thing is I have been in limbo so to speak for ten years and have been noticing catalysts that should lead to certain outcomes end up playing out completely different than I remember them occuring but similarly enough that I know that those events are essentially the same occurrences just with different outcomes than I previously experienced like I’m lost in some parallel dimension were all my efforts have been circumvented.

I’m hoping not and eventually one of these events will play out as I forsee and trigger the final manifestation, but its begining to appear like I may have ended up somewhere else entirely, not sure though and figured that The Morrigan would know especially since I evoked her at the beginning of this journey and that possibly she could provide me with some kind of bearing in moving forward or easing my mind in continuing to wait it out.

Maybe try one of these spreads or this spread.

If you do the reading and don’t have full clarity feel free to post the cards that come up and I could give my interpretations sometime.

Is this like a significant career decision or an entire change of path?

Um … long story short it involves one million bitcoin, a sex trafficking ring, and a string of murders.

Basically trying to figure out if they will ever be held accountable and if my fortune is lost.

Wat you need is a long serie of rituals,one teacher once told me look son ,I have in magick 60 years know a lot and you can chance you fate ,destinity,you must force yourself against it.,a serie of rituals whit strong spirts,not angels on you case,will be the great outcome., You will how,who. Well unblocked,open rodas, protection etc.ot take months or, a year,only a professional or a person of good reputation and knowledge will help you,.if want to hire someone try YouTube first get a idea and got from there,

well I imagine if you can find yourself in such a wacky situation, you’ll find a way to maneuver through