Looking For A Mentor

For those that don’t know me(that would be 99.5 percent of y’all ), my name is Garion. I made this post because I’m looking for a mentor as I am three days into Magick but I wish to dedicate my life to the practice. I mean this in every way possible. Please understand that I do not know anything and want to know everything that I can so any information will help. Please be a guide along my spiritual journey. Thank you. I won’t extend this too long for fear some won’t read it and I’ll miss out on valuable information.

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There’s plenty of information here. And if you don’t find what you are looking for at the moment after a search feel free to make a new thread and ask :blush:. The forum community is your mentor.

Anything you are particularly interested in starting off? You being so new I very much recommend you start of with Divination if you don’t do that already


I am a beginner, as well.
I would recommend the youtube channel, “Mind and Magick”: logical, “down-to-earth”, specialized in ceremonial magic, and “wise” [which some people consider to be “spiritual”], although I do not agree with everything he says, that does not mean he does not have anything to offer… quite the contrary. His videos seem to have known a sort of degeneration with time, meaning…, the first ones were really informative to a beginner, the mid-part… I am not quite satisfied, there’s a lot of repetition, and the last part, the recent videos in these recent months, he seems to attempt to return to his initial ground, which is fine.
That’s theoretical, however.
After that, you could read the book, “Kabbalah, Magic & the Great Work of Self Transformation”, which contains a program of actual self-initiation into a system of ritual magick.

This is my plan, anyway, which I started a few days ago.

Remember, however, this is just my opinion.

Hope this was useful.


I would recommend getting hold of David Conway’s book “Magic an occult primer” that\s all you need to get started.

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I’ll start with Divination if that’s what you think would be best. I’ve also been feeling like I’d like to ask Azazel to be my mentor/guide. I’ve been reading and I was lead to believe I can ask him before I go to sleep and my dream will show the response.

I will start watching the videos and see about the book and let you know. How’s your experience?

I’ll check it out!

I sent you a PM [private message], check it out.

I would also recommend Franz Bardon - Introduction to Hermetics, although it can be hard going. Most of the books these days are just new age re-hashes of the original stuff (for instance the so-called “law of attraction” was being written about at least a century ago). My personal preference would be to avoid too much visualization (yes, the subconscious does respond to pictures) but to concentrate more on INTENT this is what powers real magic. Do let me know how you get on!