Looking for a magick lamp

Reading the evocation by franz bardon, I would like to take further action to increase my evocation abilities. In his book he explains that when we summon entities into our sphere, we can make the atmosphere in the area where we are evoking them more easily adaptable. In other words, if someone were to summon you somewhere, would it be easier if they summoned you into water, the sky when you have no wings, into a room 200 degrees, or firmly in a space similar to where you are right now, and if you could adapt to any of those locations, would you really be engaged 100%? Probably not. So if we bring these entities into our sphere, creating a similar atmosphere for them to enter based on where they reside, can make the evocation much more powerful.

So, does anyone know where I can find interchangeable glass that goes over a candle, or a lamp with multiple color glass options that can emit specific colors around the room?

Ok there are 2 ways to do this.

1 is use chemistry to change the actual flame color:


  1. Is put something over the light area such as colored transparency’s.
    If you want a nice method of doing this its in Summoning Spirits book Konstantinos

If your willing to cheat you can always buy this bulb and change it on demand.

I try to keep electricity as far away as possible during evocations. usually turn off all lights and power supply. thanks man!

Sorry mate can’t help with that despite having Arabic roots!!

However, for all the women out here… I’ve got a magick stick :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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