Looking for a magic buddy

Yeah I would like someone to test magic with, my skills seem to be growing daily since the moment DK helped me realize what I actually had and I started learning evocation. My skills I have practiced on myself are:

Dismissing pain, the types of pain I have dismissed are head pain and heartburn. I had those pains and I made them go away instantly.

Glamour magic, I can not really that good cause different looks.

Since learning a chant from EA he said new powers would awaken and well they have I can now dismiss pain and it seems as though the new energies I feel have been healing me for example my nose which has been stuffed up due to Texas allergies I assume for about 5+ years and now my nose is clear without any resistance to me breathing which is great.

Also my throat feels completely clear as well more then usual and everytime I smoke I can completely taste it and it makes my stomach sick but I can also get rid of that problem with my new energies as well.

If you would like to talk with me and we can practice some magic together private message me and I will give you my Skype and we can chat! Look forward to helping you get pain out of your life, I got it out of mine with my method and I want to try to relieve others!