Looking for a legit Palero

Hey everyone -
I’m looking for a legit Palero to help me with some things. Of course a consultation would be needed beforehand to determine the best course of action.

Unfortunately, the section of this site that highlights people that do work for others doesn’t have any Paleros.

If anyone has a legit one that they’ve worked with before or they’re part of their family, please PM me. I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks all.

Have you tried asking at a local botanica? That’s probably the easiest way to find someone who’s experienced and can help you. (I know it can be a little intimidating to go and ask questions but as long as you’re respectful and aren’t being silly then I’m sure they’d be able to help you!)

I work with Santa Muerte. I could help.

I don’t think this person is coming back.

I do if you can’t find one elsewhere.

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