Looking at witchcraft groups in North Carolina

So I’m looking at witchvox as to the groups I can join when I move. I’m trying to plan some sort of community when I go down there. However it’s hard to do that while I’m not actually down there.

Up here in nj, I’ve had two main options. The first is New Jersey pagans, which is more right hand path and kid friendly. Other than ideological differences, I don’t like being around kids. The second is iron garden which is more adult and left hand path. With iron garden, I could’ve gotten more out of. Instead I ruined those chances through anxiety induced inconsistencies.

I’m also asking myself what is it that I want? What are my expectations? Well ideally, I’d like to actually feel a sense of community and connection. However, realistically, I’d like to network. One group leading me to another. In Iron garden, I found out about these communities called houses. I’d like to join one. I’d like to actually feel connected to a community instead of being an occasional visitor.

Here, I see people I meet at iron garden or fetlife hunt at exiting events. I want to go to these events. However it seems like I need to be invited. I can go to certain events on my own, but going with others seems to offer greater advantage. I feel like when I go on my own, I am forcing something that should come in levels. As in you get involved with this group, then someone leads you to this group, then it progresses from their as one group introduces you to another. Idk if I skipped this process or it never came for me at all.

Point is, I want to do better down there. And this seems to take planning. Any suggestions, opinions, anything?

What part of North Carolina are you going to be in? Also a lot of covens in NC have a strong emphasis on folk magic and traditional witchcraft.

Surry county.

Hmm, a bit too far from my neck of the woods to tell you any specifics. But at least you have southern VA open to you as well to look around.