Long time no see


Hey guys sorry I haven’t been in lately. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in life. Trying to figure my life out and stuff. It’s complicated not gonna get into it. But I need to start getting back into my magic and take full advantage cause I’m not getting any younger.
Anyways I hope everyone has been going okay? I’ve missed hanging around here.

I’ve been having weird dreams about the occult lately and I’m taking it as a sign I need to stop neglecting everything I’ve worked for. I’m rambeling for no reason. But being alone for so long it would be nice to have someone to talk to so if you feel the same way feel free to message me about anything.


Welcome back!


I am quite new in the forum so we didn’t have the opportunity to meet each other.
Welcome back and nice to meet you! :smile:


Thank you !


Thank you , and nice to meet you also. I felt like i really haven’t been on for a month or two so I’m not sure what I missed. I’ve still been kind of studying but like I feel behind and I’ve been having bad luck lately not sure if it is correlated or not.


Don’t feel behind :), I am sure everything is the same!


I hope so. I mean I’m still kind of a beginner, I can’t even do more than chaos magic. But it’s s start I guess. I’m starting to be able to have more lucid dreams which is pretty awesome. I had three just yesterday morning.


Welcome back to the Darkness and bring your inner spark :fist:


I’m trying ! If I can just get over this horrible cold I’ll be good as new


Aspirin is f-ing wesome. If you can get your hands on those dissolving pills that you put in a glass of water then in few days you’ll be a happy little devil :ok_hand: :smiley:
Easiest cure in the world(unless you are not allowed to take them for some reason).


Welcome back, glad to have you around again!


Thank you !:black_heart:


I agree welcome back :kissing_heart: