Long-time listener, first time caller

I’ve been lurking this forum for quite some time and decided to finally register and introduce myself.

I’m Scintilla. I’m in my thirties and I’ve been studying the occult since the late 90’s (I started with Wicca, as many do, and wanted to go deeper). I’m familiar with a myriad of traditions ranging from cutesy Wiccan candle magick to Appalachian folk magick to High Magick. Chaos magick is probably my favorite, though.

Recently I’ve felt called to start evocation, so I’ve come here to learn how to do it safely and chat with other like-minded folks!


Welcome to the forum


Welcome to the BALG forum.

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Welcome to the forum, glad you finally decided to join. :wave:t4::grinning:

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Welcome this is a great place to learn about evocation. @Yberion is one of my favorite people to learn about evocation from.

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