Long introduction sorry for my grammar

Hello everyone
I’m Daniyel
I’ve been working with Draconain magick for almost a year. For me magick started a few years ago when I noticed Sirius flashing at me for the first time. I became obsessed with Christian occultism.

I wanted to understand why I was here I felt God owed me an explanation so I searched the scriptures through and through trying to understand who God was after a while I started doing meditations and one day I woke up knowing somehow that I was responsible for my reality and that I had put myself in my life situation even if I didn’t realize it.

This went against my Christian background that God was in control of everything.
Sometimes I would feel this electric energy inside me and would ask God to explain it to me I never got an answer.

Then one day I had a vivid dream were I saw a being in the sky with a lions head that had a pinkish glow and it had a serpents tail and all the planets where around it.
I woke up and looked it up and saw the image of Yalbadoth for the first time.
I didn’t know what it meant but that in gnostism Yalbadoth is the devil as God and Creator of material reality.

From that point I started looking into left hand path because something about The general concesus of Right hand path beliefs felt off to me it seemed the same as Christianity and I knew I had to discover something more for myself.

I started looking into EAs philosophy and the idea of self responsibility and personal ascent.
As opposed to submitting to a higher power.

I asked Lucifer to help me and guide me on my path and he gave me a Recipe for manifestation and told me that the moment I took control of my reality was the moment I realized I was already in control

I felt a strong urging towards the energy of The Dragon It felt so primal and I could feel the energy within me at certain times. That’s when I got started with Asenath Mason’s Draconain ritual book. It was super chaotic my life was thrown inside out almost over night once the current set in but it was for the best in the long run I accomplished more in the last year working with this current than I have in my entire life.

I didn’t work with any God’s for a while but I just used the energy of Yalbadoth to drive my will into manifestation. I took down so many people who presented themselves as obstacles to me with this energy. I still feel drunk on its power even now.
It made me feel like a God being able to decide what I wanted to happen and watching it manifest.

I have not had the proper space for a temple and ritual so I am rarely able to do ritual the right way I have had to learn how to use Astral and Dream magic as well as building an Astral temple to do my magick I have also learned how to go into trance state and simply set my intent and then let go of it. This is a great skill and i am lucky to have learned it but it dose suck sometimes not being able to just light candles and do a traditional ritual.

Recently I’ve decided to take a more mature approach to magick I started introducing myself to specific God’s
I started with Lilith back in November and I fell in love with her as soon as she came to me. She represented the perfect woman to me.
She was the opposite of the Eve/Aphrodite
Not a submissive “Help meet” but a powerful woman who could teach me.
The connection didn’t last long but it was so intense I miss her even now.

Then I did the same thing with Belial no pact just an introduction He made me sick for 5 weeks on and off (That was fun) plus intense mood swings.
But when He left he told me That the buck stops with me and I have to take responsibility for all of my reality even the bad stuff that seems like other people’s fault. As a Magican I have to take responsibility for all of my reality because I am manifesting it.

Now I am doing my first pact.
I am working with Naahma because I am missing the aspects she represents and I want her in my life.

This is where I am now I have gone through alot and it’s always test and trails but I fucking love it I don’t care how chaotic it gets or how hard it gets or how much physical, emotional or spiritual pain I have to endure or even if I die I am totally determined no matter what to obtain my GodHood.
I will exalt my throne above the Stars of God.
I will be like The Most High.


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the forum.