Long Distance Testing

Not exactly an actual love spell thing that I am trying to test, but I am attempting to refine my capacity to ‘lock on’ a person that I have never met in person before and then affect their predisposition in a positive or negative manner.

This is here merely because it has to do with the emotional sensation of ‘love’ or ‘hate’.

The lame thing about this is that when I enact the some of the ritual described for it, in say Works of Darkness (just modified for my personal circumstances) it seems to induce weather pattern changes on my part of the world which shouldn’t really be what it does (but I have always been quite good at changing the weather so maybe its related to that, who knows). And I have no apparent clue yet if it actually changes the inclinations of a target on a far off part of the world. Even though, time and space is to be of no constraint.