Long Distance Baneful Hex, Will It Work?

If I wanted to cast a hex from California on someine who lives in France would distance negate the hex and render it ineffective, is distance a factor in carrying out a curse?

Has anyone carried out a long distance hex and had good results?


No, distance is not a factor.


^ Wot he sez, distance is no factor. :+1:


Distance is nothing but a measurement of tangible positions by finite minds.
When you realize the fabric of this construct is pliable- bendable
Like two ends of a piece of fabric… bringing togther both ends which if presented differently- would have distance apart.
That being said, being able to identify and extend your energy and intent- may seems like you have to push harder or longer to reach your intended target.
Not needed -
You can create symbolism in your curse work by even using a length of black ribbon with their name or picture affixed to one end and symbolically pull them to you and bringing them within your reach.
You can then even take that picture and sandwich it between two mirrors and bind and wind it around the mirrors and picture as a symbolic binding.
The energy work tho, to embrace that bending the fabric takes time, but if you call upon th Ancients to help you do so, they will likely help you if you treat them respectfully and develop a relationship with them.