Lone Wolf Finally Home

Wow… I must say… I’ve never felt so at home since I’ve started connecting with people on here. I always stayed to myself in my ascent and practice. The more I talk to everyone, the more I see verification in my own results over years of practice. I’ve never thought of talking about my experiences, shames, trials, and successes. True, I’m behind an avatar. I still can get other’s opinion and try out what they’ve experienced… Never thought of joining a forum… I’ll always be a lone wolf… but I enjoy helping and listening to everyone here.
If you read this rant… thanks for stopping by :smiling_imp:


Excellent! Glad you found us, looking forward to reading your posts. :+1:

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Seems we’re cut of a similar cloth.

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Black magicians have always been the outcasts. So this is kind of (forgive me for putting it this way) our safe place. Glad to have you aboard!


Very true… and even in that statement… black magicians are even ostracized among their own. We dabble in taboos and take pleasure in what makes others squirm… all for the love of science, spirituality, self empowerment, and sex.
Glad to be here. Meeting some like minded souls, or polar opposites for debates… it’s all fun. Safe…well I mean, I don’t expect harm… but well prepared for it when it does. I used to avoid meetings such as these, because I always find the fakes out… that used to get on my nerves… but I’m finding many on here who are having genuine experiences… I can follow along and loving every bit of it. Thanks all


I’m only here because someone said there was blankets, cookies, and chocolate milk.


You’re going to find a real treasure trove of info on here. Welcome to the forum.


Big time… I’m verifying results others have already had. I’m getting a kick out of sharing these experiences… I always knew my practices worked, but to have someone else verify your results is amazing to me. Especially since I’ve always felt alone down this path. Thanks @Faustus

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