Lol! man stuck in another mans wife due to black magick

Man Stuck Inside Another Man’s Wife Due To Black Magic (VIDEO INCLUDED)

Talk about a shitty way to get caught cheating. I wonder what the witch doctor’s method was to get these results if this isn’t a fake.

Check out the clip promo wall at the end of the video. Apparently youtube’s puritanical nudity restrictions don’t apply to medical corporations with a product to sell.
How to attach the Elator (an external penis support device for men with ED)

Also, somehow this is perfectly fine - Super Sucking Fleshlight

Anyway, I think it’s sad that the poor waste what little magic they pursue on sexual fidelity and wage slavery.

I found a spell for this.
Name two lengths of grape vine for the wife and her lover. Write the two people’s names on brown paper and urinate upon it. Sprinkle red pepper on it and use it to bind the twovines together. Tie these two vines with one of the husband’s shoelace. The next time they have sex, they will be stuck together and you’ll be able to catch them.
(Hoodoo herb and root magic, page 108, under the entry Grape).

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So funny/sad loooool

This is hilarious. Bad for them but it sure made me laugh!

Apparently some guy my freind went to college with poured chocolate all ove rhis girlfreind when they did it and they got stuck.