Loki's name showed a couple times today

Soooo yesterday has been so very eventful. I’ll try to remember details as I do not have a very good memory.
I went to a party at my sister’s house yesterday. My sis has a kid named Idunn and he’s sooo cute and very smart for his age, though he is in bed because of course it is an adult party going on with lots of drinking and drinking games.
The first sign I remember receiving was when I first arrived there and I needed to go to the washroom and there was a spider in the washroom. A very common house spider perched itself on the sink vanity. I’m not too afraid of spiders and just stared at it before chasing it away with my finger.
Halfway through the night we begun to play Cards Against Humanity and I remember getting on the second round a card that read “Loki, the god of Mishchief.” Hmm! I didn’t think anything of it until my drunkenness made me stammer into the mainfloor bathroom. There are two bathrooms. The one upstairs (where I saw the spider) and the main floor’s, the one I’m venturing into.
Now… there is a fly buzzing around in there. My sister’s house is freezing and hardly any garbage around for a fly to find comfort in - so my mind settled onto Loki again. The spider, the card and now the fly - counting them as super odd.
Sitting down and doing my business, my body began to tingle with arousal. My mind’s eye catching glimpses of red hair and I could feel my arousal turned into stimulation. But as fast as it started happening I finished and hopped out the door. I didn’t want to stay in the bathroom for all the duration of the party.

I do want that experience to happen again, but I don’t know how, nor know how the experience happened in the first place. Or if that was even Loki.