Loki Bindrune and a Sudden vision?!

A couple of months ago I happen to see a certain bindrune which had the title: “Loki’s Bindrune”. I havent seen it before and to tell you the truth it seemed a bit “manmade” so I decided to test it out. I aproached the whole bindrune thing more as a sigil rather than a bindrune as its own. What happened after some extremely light breathing and mind silencing was beyond my words.

I experienced in my mind (claircognisense) a clear vision of a Dark night under heavy snowstorm and heard clearly something similar to a dog breathing heavily, after I raised my eyes I saw a large wolf gigantic almost with the purest white/silverish fur and its eyes glowing red and violet walking straight up to me, It was like it detected me and somehow giving me the impression that it aknowledged my presence without attacking me but at the same time setting its territory.

I saw large Icicles and ice blades form all around the wolf and the scenery. After that I short of felt like something humanoid was hovering above with immense strength both magical and beyond that. I felt immideately the rune Isa and after a few seconds before the vision ended I saw the rune glowing bright red and blue, flashing repeatedly.

I am not sure if it’s lokis sigil or bindrune or something close to it but At the closing of the vision I heard the words “Fenris” which from what I know he is a wolf and Son of Loki. Also Iam sure from what I know so far that its not Fenrir’s Bindrune since I had a prior visit from him in visions and he handed out to me a bindrune of his own. Any thoughts? Here is the sigil:

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I can’t see the bindrune.
I want to try it out and I’ll see if I have the same experience.

Oh I see, OK I will post it in a few hours when back at home, looking forward to your results after trying it. Blessed be.