Lokasenda ritual advice?

My wife and I will be preforming the Lokasenda ritual tonight. She’s the one who brought up doing the ritual and has never practiced magick or mentioned an interest in it. First question is, Should I preform the ritual as an experienced magician or should I just let her do it? I want to just let her do it since she’s the one who wants to work closely with Loki but if it’s thought that I should do it then I have no problem.

Secondly, we’ve gathered some of the supplies but finding others has been a bit difficult. Mainly the Mead. People who make it locally are all out of stock and there doesn’t seem to be a mass market brand unless I’m just not looking in the right spot. Would there be a suitable substitute?

Bit late for your ritual, but I have used Kraken Rum because I had it available as a general offering of spirits. Though most sources reference mead, wine, or beer likely due to the time period.

Not specifically familiar with the Lokasenda ritual. Sounds similar to “Lokasenna” or “Loki’s Taunts” when he told the gods off before they punished him big time. What does this entail and what is it’s purpose?

Typically, I would also say that If she wanted to do this, it would greatly benefit her to do it as the will of the sorcerer is what drives their evolution. If she has others do everything for her, she will learn nothing.

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Ah, Rungr. Danke.

Yes, Having read that, I now redouble my suggestion your wife do this, @Gloriaeinanis as the ritual done by her would likely bring her the connection she desires. Of course being there and able to assist in a moment of forgetfullness, etc. wouldn’t be bad, but she should take the wheel if the intent is to bring herself closer to Loki.