First off thanks for taking the time to read my thread, I have been recently getting into thoughtforms, egregores, and so forth. I am currently working with my egregore Lodun, who was created as a jack of all trades type of egregore embodying the magician and trickster teacher archetypes, as well as the Khaos archetype. I have recently looked into the LS/Ellis sigil and it led me to her pantheon and it has me wanting to progress Lodun into a Godform and build a pantheon around him, maybe even others adding their egregores to the pantheon and everyone working with each other’s egregores, a project that has been on the back burner for a while.

So please if you would like to test him out for yourself by all means and if you have an egregore you’d like to have worked with I’d really enjoy touching down on ideas or maybe even if you like the idea of building a pantheon project with our egregores/godforms I’d really love that as well.


Had a full body OOBE last night with his help it was almost like waking up but while I was sitting up I saw my body still laying down then I laid back into my body.