Locking Away Climax

Not long ago, I had a spiritual experience with Asmodeus and he told me that my climax would “recede from me like the horizon” and that I would exist in “eternal lust” as a tribute and exaltation to him.

Since then, I have been pursuing a course of NoFap to build magical power; this, being a difficult challenge since I am definitely not a prude and have a very sexual nature. That’s the value of the sacrifice, I suppose.

I made it 108 days before giving in. I immediately received from magical backlash that I’ve been dealing with for a week or so, but it’s starting to abate.

My priest/magus and I are planning a ritual to “lock my climax” away and I’ve purchased a pretty hefty padlock as a material component. I’m interested to hear if anyone might have ideas on how to conduct the ritual? components that might be needed? or similar experiences to relate.

I dont see that very heatly or evolutionary, i even see this somehow homosexual practice…

I do have astral sex 2-3 times a day when im sober and fuck ever more on amphetamines, its more healthy for your energy circulation, and it deepends your connection to your partner…

god will not thank you for not masturbating for 108 days :smiley:

Not sure what to say about the “somehow homosexual” comment…cuz yeah, I’m hella gay, dude. You make it sound like a negative the way you phrase it, which I find to be a bit of a micro-aggression.

Glad you’re gaining power on YOUR path. Enjoy it.


i mean this HYPERCLIMAX DO IT ONLY ONCE DO IT NOW FOR THE PRICE OF 666 kind of thought progressing, you are eternal being… you dont need to hold yourself back for something like asmodeus, its de-evolutionary :slight_smile:

it doesnt make your 2nd orgasm stronger after you “come once like god-king” get my drift.

more females for me. i dont hate.

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Yeah, we have a guidebook for it and everything. Along with forcing each other to suck other men’s dicks.