Loas and Azazel and other demons

why cant i work with loas like baron samedi and Azazel … Azazel is helping me in my love life and in my magic my beliefs are mostly voodoo and things related to it i call myself a witch but i could be classified as a electric witch … someone said on here i cant work with both at the same time may i have a answer more then " they will not work together" or "dont mix religions "

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Ask the spirits themselves if they can work together. They will let you know.

The only thing other people can offer you is their own experience. If someone says that the spirits won’t work together, but has never actually tried it, it is kind of like a fat person telling you how to lose weight successfully.

In my opinion, there is a big difference between working with the Loa and being part of the religion of Voudon. There are priests (houngan) and sorcerers (bokor) from my understanding, and the sorcerers don’t practice the religious ceremonies. If I am wrong, someone more knowledgeable please correct me.

Azazel doesn’t have a religion, but is simply mentioned in some book, so I would simply check with the spirits themselves to know for sure.


from books their ceremonies bring the loas into their bodies and into them they will act like a child old man ( papa legba) or climb a tree and hisss ( damballah wedo ) but thas ) books andt i practice alone so i find it hard to contact some of the loas and thank you ill ask them one by one

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Most my craft is in my bedroom or my Sanctuary with is just Rocks a witch circle and a wooden arch bottles links some tress a cross like papa Legba’s and a fire pit up the hill I have a spider web a glass bottle and fire pit

Both I use a lot unless it’s candle or incense because of wind and the incense would be smelled from afar :unamused: giving me away to my friends or Neighbors who would bug me …

I could try to store the energy in quartzite Crystal’s my area has slot of them … would that work


Some spirits definitely have personality conflict. Some will work together with them anyway, others won’t. However from personal experience the Loa don’t really care if you work with demons. It’s more of the religion and dogma of some of the traditions. I’ve personally experienced Belial and Papa Legba come to me in the same vision. They seemed to not only work well together, both having a gatekeeper function, but they seemed chummy.


So I can work with loas I’ve work with and Azazel :grin: really now this will amp my work and help me thank you


Hi! I’m curious…now that it has been a few months…what have your results been? I was curious about this same thing…working with demons while working with other pantheons (namely for me the orisha) I would say though, that I agree with the person who said let the spirits tell you.

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The guy had toxic traits and was interfering with my life with his drama he is an ex but I have found this Hecate Lilith and Azazel have permanent alters in my room and have been helping me and teaching me; I have paused my work and learning on vodoun but I have a mambo I talk to who I will be learning from ;

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Wow! Well I’m glad you were able to get it all figured out! No need for toxicity! And I’m glad you are having success…let us know the update if you can once you start back up with Vodoun! I’d be interested to know more!

Have you tried setting up 2 different altars in two separate rooms? This way you can have one altar dedicated to each pantheon and can be working two separate styles of magick at the same time? Thats what I would do.

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Yes if my roommate allows but I’d probably make it saints so family does not give me more hate

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Have you thought about moving the voodoun side into an empty closet?


Many bokor use demons such as astaroth and many jinns.


I know I do. lol

I mean good idea I have a pile of animal bones and glass in there with clothes I’ll keep that in mind

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Voodoo is not a religion.
It’s just a natural African spiritual life.

Sorry, but it is a considered a religious practice. “Spiritual life” is the definition of religion.

Its particularly not a religion but there are some few group of African tribes that worship few loas in a form of religion and some even uses some of these loas in churches and gives them Angelic names so the church members will believe the pastor uses Angels.
Voodoo is just the natural spirituality of Africans.
People classify it as a religion but it’s not and not everybody that needs to be initiated into voodoo before he or she can work with the loas.

Dude, Voudon is a recognized religion. Whether you want to accept that or not is your own personal issue, but the practice is called a religion by its own adherents so you’re not really making any sense by claiming otherwise. It also has all the earmarks of a religion such as a priest class that serves the community, churches where ceremonies, weddings and funerals are performed, and spiritual counseling offered.

And by the way, it being the “natural spirituality of Africans” does not, in any way, invalidate its status as a religion. The two things are not mutually exclusive like you seem to think.

I have worked with the Lwa myself and yes, you do not need to be initiated into the religion to work with them, just like you do not need to be a Catholic to work with the angels and demons of the Goetia. The spirits themselves are outside of any religion.