LOA vs Evocation: Your take?

I’ve been reading quite a bit on the law of attraction and how it can be harnessed to attract a person that contains all your desired/preferred traits including physical appearance etc. I’ve made a list of all the qualities that i’m looking for in a woman but i’m not sure as to which approach i should take, either the LOA route or evocation.

I have been applying Azazel’s advice to Elison, “Interact with what you want to create as if it’s already there. Be one step ahead of creation and creation will follow you.” I visualize her being in my life and sleeping next to me in bed and talking to her and stuff.

Which route would you guys prefer and has anyone here gone down the LOA route? Sorry if it’s kinda long winded, had to sort things in my head straight. Thank you.


Do both, they’re not contradictory and spirits have often recommend the LoA to me, meanwhile it always requires action as well as the right mindset etc.!