Loa in the woods

Back again! After my hiatus and getting over my fear and self doubts, I once again went back to the woods to practice with the loa in the voodoo current. Things have been going surprisingly well! Drew veve in corn meal in a ritual spot, made offerings to Agwe, and called down Legba. Side note; drawing veves in corn meal is a lot more difficult than I thought. I used the whole freaking bag on one veve.

Here’s an interesting part. A friend of mine, nice, Christian god fearing girl, went for a walk in those woods. She didn’t/doesn’t know that I use the woods for ritual. I’ve told her they’re haunted just to keep her away, but she’s feisty and went anyways. Well it’s a beautiful spot and she took a bunch of pictures. One of them was right by my ritual spot and this is how it came out.

Brand new phone, no other pictures have ever done this. The loa are staying true and keeping their secrets.


Haha! Awesome!


That’s really cool, people are always asking why don;t we photograph this or that, and THIS ladies and gents is why!

Great illustration there of how they keep themselves concealed, love it. :wink: