Lizzy's Incoherent Thought Vomit : A Thought-Based Journal

Keeping this as a journal. Others can comment or not. If you feel compelled to then go for it.

The Veil - One of the most interesting ideas to me is what the reactions would be when the Veil is gone, or even just at what point the Veil would be completely destroyed. Was talking to Phil earlier about this and realized one of the most amusing and infuriating pieces is that there’s no way for me to know without knowing the intent of the sorcerers who erected it past the obvious “separating this world” bit. So I can guess and guess based off a combination of intuition and what seems most logical but at the end of the day they are only theories.

The Veil seems to get thinner as more people in the world become enlightened. What if there were some form of way to have all on the planet enlightened at once. Would the Veil lose it’s power, disappearing from reality due to lack of need/utilization? Would it then continue to be a Veil for the next child born, or would the child simply be born without that blockage/protection? As Azazel and Koetting say… nothing is reality except what exists in relation to you. Would it die off right away, or whenever every person in the world lacked the knowledge of it.

And just exactly how enlightened does a person have to even be to contribute to the thinning of it? Is it simply knowing and understanding that the spirit world exists, or is it likened to one’s own ascent, adding more and more to that thinning as individuals become more godlike. I doubt it’s the latter simply because I don’t believe our ascent truly ever halts and so I doubt such a correlation could be “neatly applied.”

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The complete dissolving the the veil would literally require everyone in the world to have their brain’s restructured at the exact same time. The more people there are on Earth, the harder that will be.

I’m pretty sure that little kids are normally tuned to the spiritual stuff, but lose it as they get older and learn “What is real.” LOL.


Azazels precense has been less in my mind and more of a physical energy. The pressure waves in my head are constant. Getting used to this is going to take a while. I had to take the obsidian ring off for a while.

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