Living with religious parents

I don’t know about you guys but, its kinda of hard doing invocation on spirits when your parents are super religious. I can’t write a letter to lilith in my house, even if i succeeded on it will the succubus be mad at me for having her in my religious parents house,

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No, your parents’ religion will not bother a succubus. It won’t bother a demon either. They can even go to church.

It only becomes an issue if it is backed up with legitimate willpower and the intention to cast out any unwanted beings. For example, if your parents commonly call down Archangel Michael to cleanse and protect their home, a succubus might then have a problem. Otherwise, they can abide it just fine.

If it bothers you, you can simply set up wards in your room as a safe space to do your magick.

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I have a religious parent I live with and I have a succubus. Nobody knows but me in the house, and she seems fine with it. As far as magick goes, I’ve done evocations and various spells etc in this house. When nobody is home and I get the chance I periodically cleanse the house with holy water. I mostly do petition spell since evocations take more time.

DarkestKnight makes a good point about that sort of cleansing, but luckily from my experience, most christians I know don’t call anyone but God or Jesus and not really targeted. It can be done man =))


I began working magic as a 13 year old in a catholic house. The struggle is real!

Something that used to work for me was baths. When I wanted to work magick, I’d draw myself a bath and lock the door. Keep the fan on if you’re worried about being heard. Also, the guise of a bath means nobody is gonna look at you funny for bringing a few candles in there with you.

Burning essential oils vs incense is something else I did to avoid being caught. Because again, it doesn’t look suspicious during bath time.

Learn to astral project and build a temple on the astral plane. You can do a lot of magic work there, without being detected. I used to tell my mother I was going to bed early because I had a test tomorrow (or something) and then I would meditate and go to my astral temple. And if someone barges in on you, it just looks like you’re chilling.

I never had an issue with it personally, my family are religious but I do my workings regardless, to my dad tarot is witchcraft in which case I usually just told him it’s not and continued what I do. I tend to chalk it up mainly because I do direct magick instead of indirect. But I never put much worry in my parent’s view of my work and occult tools.

This is was basically what I had, just add-on fear tactics from my mom.

They won’t bother your parents and your parents can do little to nothing about it, truthfully. If you feel the spirits will bother your parents, just politely ask them to follow certain kinds of conduct while in your home. For example I always told them don’t break anything.

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In our Munanzo we have many people that follow different personal practices. We have all done our own thing in the home with no issues. We do Vodoun, Palo, Santeria, Espiritismo, quimbanda, lucierianism, demonology, withcraft, wicca, Catholicism, orthodoxy, samanism, Islam, Jewdism and Christianity, we’ve also done work with saints and angels. This has all been done in the house I currently live in. Not all of us do all this stuff of course, but No issues. The humans all respect that we each have our own beliefs and none of the other spirits have ever complained about it.