Living ECK master - living with me

i’ve known this guy (H.) for 2 months. he is 31 years old freelancer, unrestrained by dealings of the matrix. he works for a little while, then he takes a break and goes to meditate… or such stuff. he wanted music lessons, he came into my apartment, saw my books and crystals, we started talking, and we clicked instantly.

so we started to hang out, talk, exchange ideas, meditate

he is experienced in soul travel, he does it for the last 12 years, as he is next living master of ECKANKAR, Mahanta.
he has frequent soul travel experiences, meeting with other ECK masters, namely Mahanta, Rebazar Tarz, Fubbi Quantz, Peddar Zasq and others.

so he says, and i believe.

he is the chosen one, like Neo, he should go to the temple of Eckankar in America, in Minneapolis. but in his almost horrific background childhood story, there is his evil father. step - father, who is actually a draconic lord (most likely unconcious of his true nature), but in reality, a twisted sadistic paedofilic scumbag. and this stepfather led to H. having schizophrenia, so that he was under treatment many times.
he writes a big book that would expose so many of the city’s corrupted people in politics, and in the same time open the eyes of general population.
he is the chosen one. and before he leaves for the temple in America, he has work to do. to plant a seed of new world order, as planned by great spiritual forces, by the power of SUGMAD (god)

so he says… and i… eeeee… ok. let’s play.

so i invited him to come to live with me, since he has such bad situation at home, and he has great plans for the city, he is lucid, intelligent, full of ideas…
he lives pretty clean, we had a period of fasting, all the time talking about spirituality and doing practical work.

to make a long story short, last few days his behaviour changed, he talks randomly, i can’t have a linear conversation with him.

so after 5 days of me feeling uncomfortable with him, and other people saying that he got worse, today i packed him and drove him to psychiatric hospital, where he is well known.

so he is there now, under the protection of the state. and midly sedated.


we made my apartmant into a mini ECK temple, full of light.

but i was paying much more attention to my dark temple, working with lessons from O.A.A.
and i think this kept me sane.


could he be the next living ECK master…

or is this a typical disorder — like messiah complex?

few weeks ago he had a great experience in my apartment where he says he connected with CHRIS consciousness…

… man… shit’s fucked up :slight_smile:

and this goes beyond my divination, to say the least.

Unless he’s studied directly under Sri Harold Klemp, it’s unlikely that he’ll be the next Living Eck Master, as the organization does require years of training before thy can take the Rod of Power.

However, if he did not study under Klemp, but instead has working solely with the Order of Vairag, than he could lay that claim just as easily as you or I would… however, I think that most people who have had these authentic experiences can easily see how Klemp has taken the organization of Eckankar far away from Twitchell’s origination idea, and is the exact sort of guru-worship that those who KNOW are working to eradicate.

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thank you for answering.

H. said that he is constantly being tutored by Klemp/Mahanta. from his early years, it was only Mahanta, teaching him things.

i wanted to write to their temple, but i cannot find a contact adress.

so… could it be possible that this is standard issue with Eckankar? hook people into a messiah syndrome and switch it guru worship?

so… anyone…

if i’m to help this guy out… what could i do? he’ll get back on meds, so his schizophrenia will be under control… but what does schizophrenia meen now… i’m puzzled.

the interesting thing is that he has no internet education… and barely has a formal education. but he still knows an awful lot about spiritual concepts, as well as enormous amount of historical and scientific factual data…
it was easy for me to think that he had private spiritual consultations for quite some time.
he claims to posses holographic vision, we calls it Mahanta-stream, where he sees many scenes around the globe at the moment, can act upon them, multitask… and so on and so forth

but now he’s in a mental institution.

has anyone encountered something like that?

first of all, whatever your thoughts on this guy are, you need to limit your support of him to whatever you can afford without dragging yourself down. whether that means everything or nothing, do your honest self-analysis and figure it out. he may very well be quite high maintenance to take care of and/or help out - this work could easily derail your own progress, your time, and your finances. so know that this is a risk you take.

from your description, it sounds likely that the guy is spiritually gifted. and it sounds like he is also suffering from some genuine mental illnesses. one of my first thoughts is that he needs to steer some of his spiritual abilities into healing his mind - whether directly, or through working with entities. it will be hard for him to realize his full potential if he is grappling with genuine mental illness.

that’s my two cents worth. very interesting story though, thanks for sharing.

My sentiments exactly red. This guy does sound really quite gifted, but if he is mentally unstable, would his practices lead him further away from reality, thus making him more unstable? I thought the number one rule when entering these sorts of fields was to be sure that you are sound of mind, correct me if I’m wrong. Perhaps it might be advantageous for him if he were to sort himself out first before delving into these sorts of practices.

I believe if you meditate on the issue you will find the correct path to take, and I believe you will make the right decision as you know your situation better than anyone else.

Best of luck bahamuthat.

Agree with the last two posts whole heartedly. Magick is mentally taxing enough as it is without mental health problems being thrown in the mix. The lines of reality become blurry, and we have to be able to take a step back and be objective about our experiences. Someone suffering from schizophrenia would have a substantially harder time doing that. How do you know what he sees/hears is authentic or mental illness? Dealing with a charismatic person as the op described further complicates things, this guy seems to be holding the answers that many week but at the same time is having issues sorting his own issues. Do you help? Do you distance yourself? Just be careful, and don’t get taken for a ride.

Hey bahamuthat,
First of all I want to say that before reading your post I had no idea what the Eckankar temple you mentioned is. I read a few things on the internet about them just now but still that doesn’t give me the right to comment on their practices.

Also, I am not a doctor yet. In an nutshell I had to interupt my studies for a year for financial reasons and now I work at a psychiatric clinic as a “junior doctor”. There I get to see quite a few people like your friend and I also see how the psychiatrists deal with them.
For some people who are spiritually gifted, psychiatric clinics and medications are not always the best choice. Of course I don’t blame the doctors since they do anything they can to ease the patients’ symptoms and help them lead a “normal” life (by normal I mean what the majority considers an acceptable life style). But there are these special people who need some other kind of help and not medications to keep them sedated.
I agree with what redcircle, Ryan and TheWanderingFool said. My opinion is that if you want to help your friend you should do something to help him get out of there (perhaps do a working to help him be co operative with the doctors so that they’ll let him leave?).

There’s a patient who can’t read and write and he has an amazing amount of knowledge about demons, the astral plane, the different classes of spirits (like elementals for example) etc. However there’s no doctor who accepts what he says and they mostly give him medication to keep him sedated since they can’t do anything else about his condition.
The very first day I started working there I was told by everyone that I shouldn’t get emotionally attached with any of the patients like that guy because there’s nothing that can be done. And you know, once that guy was talking about how he managed to get a demon to appear before him and while he was describing the demon’s appearance a doctor just said “ah, he’s started again” and he left. In a minute he was back with some very strong pills “to make him stop”.
So my point is that some people go wasted because almost nobody accepts that what they’re talking about could actually be true.

However you should know that it’s going to be hard if you decide to help your friend and you should be prepared for that.

I see demons, spirits, and angels all the time. I even go around saying that I’m actively working on becoming a Living God. But I’ve not been hospitalized for psychological instability, ever.

There is a necessary compartmentalization that you have to undergo, shutting off the flow of the Godself just enough so that you can shop for groceries, conduct day to day business, take out the trash, wash the dishes, have a relationship, etc.

For years, I’ve referred to this compartmentalization as, “Assumption of Manforms,” as we indeed are Gods pretending to be men… and we do have to pretend extremely well, lest we find ourselves nailed to a cross - because that’s what men do when they find out that you’re a Living God.