Living a double life

Does anyone on here ever feel like they live a double life following the LHP? Am I the only one living a double life cuz the ones around me wouldn’t approve of my attraction to the LHP? How do u guys deal with it if u’re in the same boat as me?

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Yea pretty much. For me magick is a lonely path. Nobody I know has ever experienced wild stuff nor do they care to. I use to internet to find other people and read about their perspectives and experiences. I like to call myself an occult philosopher. Not many of us around.


There will always be things that you choose to keep to yourself or feel comfortable telling group A but keep away from group B so on and so on, simply to save yourself some emotional energy.


Craziest part about this is when ur demon self ends up getting interested in a fellow demon. Then u have to remind urself that’s not reality. I kinda suck at this right now.

I seriously didn’t see this coming, but when I did, I didn’t stop it. It’s awesome to be able to not be judged etc. Dang it!

Ok… help on here. Does anyone know how to control Lilith? She’s an aspect of me. Like I mention in my Lucifer journal, I’ve had fun with other demons as a result. That fun has got me to where I am now. I did stuff as her when I found that out. I terribly like a demon right now. Best part, it’s not even Lucifer.

I’m actually going to say no because I have never hid it lol. I wear a inverted pentacle and a mjolnir pendant every day for anyone to see. When I sell my goods I mention what items I made specifically with black magic in mind. And I honestly don’t give a rats ass lol.

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Good for u. I love a demon and don’t know how to handle that. :woman_facepalming:


Look up the modern notion of pagan god-spouses. That should give you some insight even if it’s not dead on.


It’s kind of second nature to me, since I’ve had to hide my involvement in anything even remotely related to the occult and paganism since I was in high school. So it doesn’t bother me.
A few know, but they don’t really care.

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Only the ones here know. My mom still thinks I’m a Satanist. She condemed it like a bad habit. No one knows how far in the deep end I am now & I plan on keeping it that way.