Live Ritual - Which would you like?

So I am sure you have all seen my last podcast where I am looking for suggestions for a live ritual to do for you all.

Which God would you like me to do a ritual with for the next podcast.

  1. Loki
  2. Odin
  3. Thor
  4. All of the Above

Let me know what you think and perhaps even why. I have a few suggestions already but want to get an idea of what is in higher demand.

Stay True & Stay Awesome


All of them. The destruction of all my enemies. :sunglasses::wink:

  1. ) All the above.
    By the way,
    I wanted to leave a big compliment, to your recent Video’s!!
    Keep up the Good Work!!

So, On This upcomming Sunday,
I plan a Water Based Cleansing Ritual,
to infuse my Gravity Centre,
With new, pure Fire, And Water.
I want to merge them, as much as i can,
followed by storing them into my Solar Plexus.

I kinda stumbled about a nice Astrelogical Connection there,
Also i’ll invoke Ostera,
or at least give her an Offering.
It’s a blissful Day, there to celebrate.

It’s a Day of giving off, and away, all old strains,
Releasing one’s self, into the Fire’s that merge it’s very being.

And re-infusing, after all this bitterness is left,
with pureness, sweetness, and abundance.

I’d absulutly love, to have an offering for Loki, Thor and Odin,
inside my ritual.

Maybe, can you share some idea’s with me, per PM or here,
becouse i consider you as a great source of Knowledge, regading heathen magick…

Also, i 'm really faszinated, of this Connection between zous, and Mammon,
Which is said to be a hidden Demon of Greed, and riches, who seldom get’s mentioned,
becouse he seems to be a very tricky one,
as well as having extreme fortunes,
for those who Keep out of his trickster-moves.
Or kinda similiar.

Just wondered, if i could link my ritual, by also honering These gods…

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I’m kinda unsure, where to put this…
But since i just wrote here…

The Haitian Spirits seem to contact me.
But i don’t agree with These Bokors, and Mamba’s i find online.
I’ve gone through a Lomi Lomi Nui Massage,
Few weeks before,
And from what i sensed of LOA Energy,
aswell as LOAH Spirits,
they are extremly intense.
But i rarely have to argue with them as much as with desire based aspects.
Like Lillith, for example, or Azazel, they seem to be tricky for me to grasp right.
But then again, Leviathan, or sandalphon, respond before i even ask, most of the time…


Just wondering 'bout it…

Well, he sound’s a Little, like his Name, at least. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Blessed ascend to all around. :slight_smile:



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All of the above.


The one I would like to see is Odin he sounds old and wise and very powerful.:slight_smile:


I’m eager to see rituals just about Loki, but a ritual with all three might give better insight.
So ALL of the Above. :thumbsup:


#2 Odin.






What’s going on!?! Tell me more. PM me about your issues.

I had the same in mind at first! Lol I would like to know more about him. Just saying


Im Going with All 3 as you seem to need it right now!! :slight_smile:


Of course all of them But I’d like to see a ritual with Loki first, Iam so drawn to his character, energy and lore.


Though you did not offer the following as an option, I would love to see you do a ritual with this one at some point in the future.



I agree with Arcane here,

Heimdallr would be a great Option, especially since it’s not so common to People who ,
got their Inspiration from stuff like the Vikings series.

So it would be more benefital to People who want to get deeper understanding of the current,
by giving an uncommon Approach.

I even prefer that over linked rituals. :smiley:

Kindest Regards,



Loki, how about a jotun? Perhaps surt? Or ran?

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All of them and HEL.
~And Sigyn for curiosity.
By the way: i found this amazing picture:

<3 Goddesses are so awesome °\(^u^)/°


Loki, for pure antinomian reasons :joy: