Live Chat: The Unholiday Of The Witches' Night

Live Chat: Unholiday Of The Witches’ Night

E.A. introduces you to black magick of the unholiday Walpurgisnacht, a.k.a. the Witches’ Night, on April 30th this month. Bring your newest comments and concerns on your magick ascent to receive personal answers and help in real time. To receive a guaranteed answer and help the channel, use hyperchat to donate. » Subscribe Here

Vampiric Initiation on The Witches’ Night

Let black magician and author N.D. Blackwood certify a ritual pact with the Dark Gods of Vampirism on the Witches’ Night this April 30th toward your astral immortality. Last chance to book now and get 50% off to save big. » Click Here@N.D_Blackwood