LIVE CHAT: The Bodhisattva — Becoming An Avatar Of The Adversary

So I have more than a theory as to why this stream went so long on the buffer screen & my own exsperiance to share & would love to hear your’s.

So I like many put on some coffee & waited a few hour’s assuming tenical dificulty & I began to feel a very initialy sickly/overwealming energy that later. Turned into a very satisfying 3/4th Satan possesson that lasted 2 and a half hour’s based on the reading time stamp’s I did while in this state by chance & was strangly satisfyed after like I imagine the female orgasim is, I am Male btw “As if I were a woman with a hardcore use & abuse for satisfaction fetish” yes my soul is a sick fuck & I love it, my Aswang did the whole rotting emily rose possesson forced rape possesson & it was the best know she has to top that lol ;p.

As well as the massive re-structure & reaching my goal’s of having the abrihamic god’s chain’s turned to the via black alchemy & know in my control rather than burning them away as I requested of Satan so Hail Satan for that among some other’s I am keeping private.

The fact E.A pulled this master stroke on “Ash Wensday” hasn’t gone over my head either so prop’s to you for the act of blasfamy you set me free tonight for that I say Hail Shaitan & Hail E.A, Let’s all have a toast of fine Orange Juice.

Well. Now you make me wonder wtf time zone he uses, because I thought it wasn’t 2pm in one of the USA time zones, and the latest USA time zone, raft coast is only at 9 am, and the earliest, west coast is it’s merely 6 am still.

I’m assuming your issue is worked out however, cux when I click it, I got right into watching him in his foggy green room lol.

Originally thought well, they probably aren’t taking time zone into account or something but I guess not since it loads something.

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I was busy with my vibrator during that time.



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Still a foggy green room on a loop, Just happened 8:30pm to around 12amish by time I felt complety back.