LIVE CHAT: Sinister Shamanism For The Left Hand Path

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LIVE CHAT: Sinister Shamanism For Left Hand Path Magicians

2 PM-ET Wednesday — Can a rational black magician harness the power of entheogens for healthy ascent and direct gnosis with demons? Come hang out to share your comments, concerns, and experiences with E.A. and other black magicians.

New YouTube Channel Memberships

YouTube has extended a new feature to the E.A. Koetting channel. It allows users to sign up to receive privileges, gifts, and secret videos. You can join one of three tiers, and receive:

  • Guaranteed answers on biweekly Live Chat
  • Secret “Mystery Video” monthly
  • Demon sigil emojis
  • Special badge besides username

»» Find out more and join here:

Herbarium Diabolicum: Illicit Shamanism for the Dark Adept

Coauthored by Edgar Kerval & E.A. Koetting — “Herbarium Diabolicum” — Unlock forbidden secrets of The Devil’s Plants for initiation into the Green kingdom and direct gnosis with Hekate, Samael, Moloch, Lilith & The Qliphothic Gods.

»» Order this new double-grimoire, Tuesday, July 14. Download a FREE chapter in ebook now:

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