Literature on raising kundalini?

Does anyone know of any good literature on raising kundalini? Videos, books, whatever.

I’ve worked with Robert Bruce’s energy books before with consistent results, however never touched his kundalini system although I believe I have his pdf on it. Have you looked into his works?

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If you want a method to complete the kundalini, from someone who actually accomplished it, I recommend the book Path Notes of An American Ninja Master. The author approaches it through the practice of Qi Gong rather than the chakras and goes into some of the dangers inherent in the process, as well as some of the side effects like enhanced strength. I am following his instructions myself currently.

I’ve heard good things about Robert Bruce’s system, but I don’t know if he has ever actually completed the kundalini. He talks about raising it many times in his books, but the kundalini is an energy circuit, and you don’t just want to raise it, you want to complete it.

The works of Krishnamurti are also good to read, if you would like a traditional yogic perspective on how things can go wrong when you go through the kundalini.


Thank you

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

@Mictlantecuhtli Black Magick of Ahriman maybe? Their is a lot on alchemy in their from what I hear.

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The black face of Ahriman
Yes I said face.
Kept coming up every day for a few days then I found Curtis Josef video online.