Litany of the Earth Mother (from Adlers Drawing Down the Moon)

O Earth-Mother, Thou of uncounted names and faces,
Thou of the many-faceted Nature in and above All,
Nature Incarnate, Love and Life fulfilled; look favorably upon this place, grace us with Your Presence, inspire and infuse us with Your powers; by all the names by which You have been known, O Earth-Mother:

Thou Whom the Druids call Danu
Thou Who art Erde of the Germans
Thou Whom the Slavs call Ziva,
Thou Who art Nerthus of the Vanir,
Thou Whom the Poles call Marzyana,
Thou Who art Frigga of the Aesir,
Thou Whom the Romans call Terra,
Thou Who art Diana to the Etruscans,
Thou Whom the Persians call Kybele,
Thou Who art Iphimedeia, Mighty Queen of the Greeks,
Thou Whom the Egyptians call Nuit, Star Mother,
Thou Who art Ninmah of Sumeria,
Thou Whom the Hittites call Kubala,
Thou Who art Mami-Aruru of Babylon,
Thou Whom the Caanites call Arsai,
Thou Who art Our Lady of Biblos in far Phonecia,
Thou Whom the Children of Crete call Mountain Mother,
Thou Who art Yemanja of the Umbanda,
Thou Whom the Dahomeans call Erzulie,
Thou Who art Shakti and Parvati of India,
Thou Whom the Tibetans call Green Tara,
Thou Who art Kwanyin of China,
Thou Whom the Nipponese call Izanami,
Thou Who art Sedna and Nerivik of the Eskimos,
Thou Whom the Pawnee call Uti-Hiata,
Thou Who art Cornmother of the Plains,
Thou Whom the Navaho call Estanatlehi,
Thou Who art Ometeotl and Guadalupe of Mexico,
Thou Whom the Islanders call Hina-alu-oka-moana,

Tho Who art the Great Earth-Mother, the Star Goddess, the All Creating One –
Mother of All, we call upon You –
Terra Mater, Mater Sotia, Earth-Mother –



I love this! Very powerful! Thank you for sharing.

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Powerful indeed :slight_smile:
You are ever welcome.