List of Spirits that are too dangerous to invoke?

This. Of all beings and entities I’d say without lifetimes of knowledge before hand, don’t mess with them. Not that they’re extra mega powerful or totally edge lord evil. Just their rules are different. From what I’ve read over time, (d)jinn can just outright kill you, for pretty much nothing. I follow ancient Mesopotamian deities like Nergal, Ereshkigal, and Pazuzu. I won’t even fuck around with (d)jinn. Anyone who chooses that path, if you feel you can handle it/them, I hope you’re right.


Any spirit that got a mercurial and chaotic nature can become dangerous to invoke.
Remember that invocation involves getting another spirit to inhabit your body.

It is not like you lose control, or the spirit takes over, but your energies will change to accommodate the deity.

That is why you should create restraints, inhibitors, to ensure that you remain in control.

Ares, my latest project, is the perfect example of this.
He is a god of the unfettered part of war, with all of its glory and terror, alongside with being a masculine god of manliness and an ideal warrior.

Due to this, I will carry with me amulets to inhibit his energy so that I don’t become unstable and too prone to fight.

When invocation is done right, it is a wondrous thing, to actually make contact with a deity, and create an intimate bond to work towards a goal, but being naive is a bad idea.

As long as you are always careful, any danger is minimized.

SOME people, however, are highly resistant naturally towards energy manipulation from the outside.


I honestly enjoyed my time with djinn, though I never asked them for help in anything, only tried to be friends to some, was allowed into Jinnistan.


Is it in etheric plane?

It’s tied to it.

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Is it in the physical plane?

It’s tied to the etheric plane.

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Separate realm altogether?

Realms and planes aren’t the same thing, but yes it’s a realm tied to the etheric plane.


The only spirit to fear is your own unbridled spirit and for those hell bent your own perfected spirit.

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Hi there Linuriel
Any chance telling me which amulets you use for protection gainst ares ??
For my protection also.

Welcome @Cas. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

I think calling on multiple spirits can be an entirely good thing, so long as you keep yourself and your intentions in mind and are not lost in the process. This is more metaphorical in my way of thinking than magickal, but the two often embrace very well. I have never called on Ares before but have always felt quite drawn to him, the thrill of battle is one thing but war is more than that, it is tactical. At the same time I am closest to Lilith, whome I feel most of the time. These two influences can both bolster and restrain, I am calling upon Ares to grant me the strength to fight and think tactically while asking Lilith to give me her love and fear to balance it out. As such I can summon the anger needed to strike hard, the pre-thinking to consider the implications before I do so and immediately absolve them with acceptence so as to be ok with the decision. Thusly, I have considered for myself to call upon Ares to help me take action (he likes aggression) and Lilith to help me feel better about it (some of the most sympathetic moments in my life have been talking to her) but in no way have been influenced by either of them during my decision making, the decision was made before hand by me. But I am not that well versed and can only speak from my own experiences.

Anyway, I think this kind of counter balance can work, it’s not pitting one entity against another or anything, or even allowing their will to work through you. It is just a means of accepting energy you need for a purpose at the time while maintaining balance.

A Lwa that shall remain nameless. His name rhymes with criminal though.

Baron Subliminal?


Close; Baron Peripheral.

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I plan on wearing chains on my arms to symbolize restraint from Ares more murderous energies of mayhem.

I’ve always said let the chaos flow, but, if you need to warm up to him, that cool too.

I like diving headfirst and embracing the madness,

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I see what you did there. :wink:

Baal Kadmon has a book about Pazuzu entitled ‘Pazuzu Rising’. It’s available on Kindle. If you’re thinking about Pazuzu, a quick read is worthwhile. :grinning:

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