List of Spirits that are too dangerous to invoke?

Im looking to further combine my acting skills with my magick skills to immerse myself in the deity I want to connect. I heard that it is not recommended to invoke deities like Andras, because they are too dangerous. How about chaotic deities like pazuzu, who according to, are maybe corrupting pure hearts? Is there a list of demons, who are too dangerous to invoke?


Only if you feel that they are dangerous. I have yet to meet with any of them that I won’t invite inside.


I remember EA saying that if you grant permission to a spirit to come in, it is quiet difficult to get him out again.

Maybe I should sit in the circle and summon the 4 gatekeepers first if I feel that I summon a spirit that can cause trouble.


Your intuition is the key. Listen to it. It will tell you what you need to know.

I personally don’t find even the most dark spirits to be a problem for me. But i am crazy. I have invoked all spirits at once. I tend to try anything in the occult I am told to be careful of. The danger excites me and has taught me how to let go of fear.

They haven’t killed me yet.

Do what you feel is best!


All of them and non of them lol. Your actions determine which.


I summoned Andras twice for two different situations and I have yet to feel or see any collateral damage or anything. He’s supposed to be a malevolent & chaotic spirit, yet I didn’t draw a circle or do anything to protect myself. I trusted my intuition after he came to me in a dream and said he would help me. I just sent him to the two targets, told, not asked, but told him not to do certain things and he complied. I won’t ever be afraid to call him again.

You just have to go with what you feel. If you feel more comfortable sitting in a circle and calling the gatekeepers first then do it, if that’s what you feel drawn to do.


I look at it this way if i die because I did something with some spirits that I shouldn’t have then I will die with a smile because I am doing what i love. Life is too shot for worries and we all die eventually. Lets have some fun before we go and enjoy life.


Great advice.


To be fair he’s not a deity he’s a Goetic Demon. Pazuzu is a demonic God, but not a demon.


Appreciate the advices. Thanks a lot. just today i had great feelings when I saw the sigil of King Vine. It spoke to me. I should give it a go then.

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Jinn. Do not mess with the jinn.


Interesting distinctions. What makes a god, who is not a demon, demonic? Or is he just simply a god of demons?

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I consider Deities a race, not a title people can just slap onto an entity or themselves (unless you count titled God in which case only in title of worship not in race) Pazuzu is considered a Demonic God, The God of his race of wind demons as well as their King.

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If you have gotten to know a spirit, invoking them is not a problem if both parties consent. I believe the problem comes more from invoking “strangers” into you (although I am learning with one that that isn’t always the case either). Got to trust your gut on this one


Stupid question, but how is a god different from a demon or angel? I know angels are very powerful and operate at a high vibration and that demons a lower one, but where do gods fit in? Are they as powerful?

It’s not a stupid question lol.

Deities is a race, demons is a race, angels is a race. Also no, demons operate on whatever vibration the individual wants to same as angels, “high” and “low” vibrations don’t matter, even our own energies fluxuate in the speed it vibrates high/fast, low/slow. Gods are much older than angels and demons and in my opinion/view Gods are who created angels and demons, among other races.

Pazuzu and his wind demons, Yahweh and his angels, Ma’at and her ma’ati angels, Tiamat and her multi-tude of demons. The japanese pantheon and their plethora of Yokai.

Aside from the difference in race and origins, that and the way I see it while everything has a fragment of divinity within it’s soul, Deities have “more” than a demon or angel. Deities are children of their Primordial God ancestors. Demons and angels are simply children of whatever God created them or their ancestors because even now demons, angels, deities, and so forth are being conceived, born, and so on.

But also like to add I don’t view “powerful” the same way as most who view it as quantity of energy or how much an entity can flex.


Some goetic spirits are also jinns. They are the contacts between the jinn and the demonic. Maybe i find that List. It is better to access the jinn with these goetian spirits. I find the Jinn great especially Shara and Zoobaghah


They are only dangerous if you make them that way you gotta be respectful and polite to them other wise u may have issue go down the list and see who most sticks out to you and start from there there was one who helps with acting but I can’t thing her name I just nabbed her sigil today myself


Well, if you go be the pre-Christian definition of Daimon or Daemon, then you’d see that whilst the terms God and Daemon were sometimes used interchangeably, such as the case of Apollo in Plato’s dialogue, Daimons were usually also divinities, but in the human world they were much closer to people.

Every family used to have a familial patron spirit, these were sometimes ancestral spirits, but they were generally actually Daemons. In the Orphic Greek tradition Daemons were asked by Zeus to teach humans, and as such they were much closer to humans than what’s traditionally thought of as Gods, they tend to be chthonic in origin, like Hecate as a great example.

I think higher ranking Daemons are on the same level as what is referred to as Gods, while those not there yet are working towards getting there.

An interesting addition is the Taoist perspective on spirits. In Esoteric Taoism, you have different levels of immortality. When a human accomplishes immortality through inner alchemy, they’re at the stage of Earthly Immortal. There are two categories above this, called Spirit Immortal, and Celestial Immortal.

Now a Celestial Immortal is the highest level of attainment, and is the level at which what we call Gods are perceived to be at. This is also sometimes the same for the real definition of the word Daemon, as used to describe pre-Christian beings that are today referred to as Angels and Demons that are actually not different beings. A Celestial Immortal is incredibly powerful and plays some role in the Cosmos, the Taoists describe these “departments” they work in as Bureaus, which is quite a pleasant way to describe it.

A Spirit Immortal is above Earthly Immortal, but beneath a Celestial Immortal, in one of two ways;

  1. A Spirit Immortal is either a being that hasn’t reached the power level of a Celestial Immortal yet, and as such is still performing their own version of alchemy to evolve. I think some lower level Daemons are like this.

  2. A being at the same level of power as a Celestial Immortal, but with no interest in the governance of the Cosmos. This is what I consider most Daemons, Dark Gods, or Acausal forces that are generally frowned upon in orthodox circles to be. These are also the spirits I identify with the most.

An interesting thing I have observed is that Taoists work with mostly the same spirits in their various sects. I myself am not primarily a Taoist, but also a Hebdomadrist and a Panentheistic Orphic pagan, those three things are complimentary and complete my system. The Taoist sect from which I choose to learn is the Mao Shan sect.

Now the reason I mention this is that the Mao Shan is considered an “evil” sect by the more orthodox sects because of it’s heterodox nature, and emphasis on individual paths, along with their work with spirits from the Thunder court, which led to the creation on what’s considered the most powerful Taoist magic, Thunder magic.

The Thunder court is composed of beings not belonging to the Celestial court, but has the same level of power, some of these gods from the Thunder court have an alliance of sorts with the Celestial court, but other are known as rogue Thunder gods, because they just don’t give a fuck. The Mao Shan sect learned their version of Thunder magic from a rogue Thunder god, this was seen as a great threat to the largest and most orthodox sect, the Celestial Masters. The Celestial Masters then worked with the same spirits and worked with those that got on well with the Celestial court, eventually creating their own version of Thunder magic to counter Mao Shan, called the five Thunder magic.

I tell you this, because it is my opinion that these Thunder gods are what I refer to as Daemons, and some refer to as Angels and Demons. I have spoken to other, more experienced Taoists on here and they have confirmed that to them this also appears to be the case. In Taoism though, demons are not what we call Daemons, they are low level spirits, Ghost Immortals, which are even lower than Earth Immortals. I add this detail so that you don’t go into Taoism and think they’re speaking about Daemons, if you ever do get your hands on the more baneful practice manuals.

As such I don’t think anything is inherently dangerous.


Too dangerous to invoke?

Is that a challenge?