List of Enns

Yup. And their effective. I just recently used Lucifers


Thank you for this list! It is going to be really helpful during my studies.

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Thanks for the mention of this author. I will have to check out this person’s works.

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Nice,Thank you so much!

Since i can’t find Alberon,
or Oberon,
in the list,
i’d like to add:

I-Ash kuya komlotha, i-yberion ivela




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Hey do you know whats the enn for mepsitahl

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this one. Up in the original post.


Just bumping so more people can see this awesome page. Anyone know if they did this or sigils?

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Thank you soo much…very helpful

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Sigils were created long (several millenia) after Enns. Generally, Enns are the first Form of conjuring.

Some sigils are imbued with the relating enn, but normally you don’t see that. You can assume all goetic sigils to be linked with their Enns, due to the amount of people using them.




Thanks I did a search that night and found a web page that had all the Geo’s sigils and info plus others I ended up drawing ten new sigils and writting the enns next to them for befriending purposes. Nice info thought that there that much older then the sigils.

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Well to be exact, pattern recognition occurred first and links into both forms. The ability of mind to structure seemingly chaotic strings and dots into shapes and define them. That ability, is older than both sight and hearing. But generally hearing was developed before sight, and sigils are visual stimuli.

Before the first creatures breathed any breath, the ability of pattern recognition existed and formed first molecules into life. But not in the sense science defines life at this age.

The first breathers couldn’t speak, yet The began to transport the patterns they recognized through songs to share them with their relatives.

That’s, where Enns were born, by interpreting the winds, the movements of flowers, animals, waters, etc.

Those primitive expressions of recognizing forces linked back and also pulled those forces to where they were uttered.

In that mannerisms, first Magick was casted and weather wasn’t simply a strange enemy anymore.

Armed with the primordial forces around them, the first creatures developed further.

Much, much later, some of them were still continued to be used in speech and language.

And such, the power of “word” was ascribed to God. For in the beginning, there 2as the “word” and it was with God.

God, translates to “force”, by itself.

So, noise, was along with movements^~ would be the best and most accurate description.

And demons actually answer this when asked, but most human interpretation of the demonic information given centers back to their experience and interpretation of reality and nature, and therefore it’s commonly mistranslated into terms more digestable and better comprehendable when mages go forward to tell their knowledge (gnosis) forward to others.

If you feel Okay with it, I’d love to see you share the sigils and Enns you made with the rest of balg. :sunny:




@Lady_Eva May I ask what sources you use for information such as this? Just wondering.

I’m looking enns for: Fenrir, Bartzabel and Anubis. Someone could help me find them?

Well, for one thing, enns only apply to demons, and two of those names are gods. Fenrir is of the Norse, and Anubis is the Egyptian god of the dead, so they wouldn’t have any.

Enns come from the religious practice of demonolatry, and apply to no other entities except those worshipped in that particular system.

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So what are the ways to channel the specific gods, without using an enn ? I’m asking because I found on channel Satania, that there are enns for angels like Raphael.

You can evoke Anubis through hieroglyphs or stele. Or you can make a sigil out of his name using something like the Rose Cross sigil generator.

You can do the same with Fenrir. If you use the search function, you can find threads where people have discussed methods they’ve used for evoking both of them.

As for Bartzabel, he is a Spirit of Mars, and not really a demon, though he is often called one because of his harshness. Here is an example of an evocation of him:

They may call them enns but they’re not. “Enn” is a specific term for a mantra in the demonic language. The Satania channel seems to take mantras from all around the internet and make them into demonic sounding videos. For example, they took the mesh ka mantra, which is angelic and was channelled from the spirit Meton by a member of this forum, and dressed it up in Satanic clothing, but it is not actually demonic.

I think they just use the word enn for any mantra, regardless of where it actually comes from.


You should probably check out Enoch Petrucelly’s book on working with the Neteru if you want to call Anubis. He doesn’t call them enns, but say they are ancient words of power. Work perfectly when I do his Cleansing rite of the Goddess.
Grimoire Of The Neteru - Kindle edition by Petrucelly, Enoch. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

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Just want to add that Egyptian gods actually visited me in my bedroom one night after the rite and once during the rite Set showed me how he looked; he had probably sensed that I was unsure of how to visualize him.
Petrucelly is always top class, definitively the best occult writer at the moment imo.