List of Demonolatry notes

Here a list of my notes on demon explanation lets go right through them

  • demons arent only infernal some are stellar too

  • some have angelic aspects

  • Forneus is a marquis but aslo a duke

  • The qlippoth is something that cannot be put in words
    is something like a universe but not in the same time

  • Forneus showed me stars in the abyss(black suns? or stars?)

  • theres a beauty in the abyss not only power

  • the lake of fire goes through out all existence,it will make you divine

  • the rank of a demonic king,is a rank that ALL spirits respect

  • The rank of a demonic king,has the authority to controll all legions of the infernal empire not only theirs,for instance,but some loyal legions dont listen to anyother king but some do.

  • There isnt only 9 kings,in my journey i had found that beelzebub and satan are aslo kings in the infernal empire,and i had found kings that are on other infernal kingdoms like arkandos,arkandos is under lucifer and controls legions of shiny golden paladians,lel’maroko too is a king under azazel,master of authority

i will post more soon.


Good notes

thank you i have more,but i had that urge to post them before i forget them.

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Makes me want to post my conversation with belial

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Hell yeah do it!

I’m posting it now

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