Lion of Judah

So this is interesting, Christians assume the lion is representative of Jesus.

But in Jewish theology it’s the symbol for the tribe of Judah.

What do y’all think?

@Dralukmun maybe this is up your alley, I think you’re Jewish no?

@Kaorisan what do you think?


I am jewish. And yes, the lion is the symbol for the Tribe of Judah as well as possibly the tribe of Dan (although a snake has also being associated ed d with that trip, probably due to the presence of the animal on the coast where the tribe lived). Lions in general played a big role in poetry and art of the tribes due to the fact that, unlike today, it was common to see them in the middle east. It was a common hazard for shepreds and anyone associated with lions (such as King David for example) were viewed as being brave as lions were not known to run away very easily.

The imagery was so present that a popular temple carving was of a winged lion, which could have came from the time when Babylonians were in control of the regions

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I find Jewish theology awesome!

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It is, and it has had quite an interesting development over time. If you are interested in seeing the history at a broad stroke, I would recommend Esoterica’s ongoing series on the Origins of the Kabbalah. While the Kabbala is not everything in Judaism, he does going into the change of philosophy from early Israelite religion to the Kabbalah and goes into history on varies things such as the role of magic.


That’s awesome, thanks! Is that a video or a book?

It is a video series, about an hour each

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