Linking Sigil, help?

Hello all! I’ve been really interested lately again about magick and all sorts of stuff, as a young teen I used to touch with it a little but now as a full grown adult, I wanna learn more about it and commit to it and push through my boundaries.
So a few nights ago I was on a messaging board, this poster said to draw this sigil on a part of your body and at a certain amount of time when she was ready, we’d induce a minor pain to “link or connect together”
This Sigil is supposed to share memories, senses and other events, as an example if one person got money, we all would.
So I drew up the sigil on my arm but the thing is, I had one on my leg too, since I figured I messed up and just retry it on another part of my body.

Now, I know I’ve been sorta… Dumb to blindly do this to myself but I spoke to the orgional poster of what I did and she replied with a coffin emoji…

I’m sorta lowkey worried since I’m not too familiar with this and I don’t want to be hurt physically. I can deal with whatever else but I just, I guess don’t wanna die?

Am I overreacting? I’d just love some feedback.

Edit: I don’t know what the sigil name is but have a picture of it.

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Also it did NOT work for me, I’m just worried I’m inviting some unwanted entities to me or if I really am in physical danger.

You should never draw random sigils from the internet on your body. Until you have more experience, you don’t know if the sigil really does what some anonymous poster on a message board says it does.

My advice would be to immediately remove every copy of the sigil from your body, funnel white light through yourself to cleanse any energetic debris from your aura, and then perform a banishing.

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How would I preform the last two steps? I’m very willing to do this and get it off my mind, lesson learned.

This poster could be lying for all I know and may attempt something dangerous or ill for the rest of us who drew it.
(10+ people)

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Since you have been using Chaos Magick sigils, have you not read anything about banishing? It’s mentioned pretty heavily in most Chaos Magick books.

Funnelling white light is pretty simple. Stand up, take a deep breath, and slowly exhale. Do this three times so your mind quiets down.

Visualise a bright point of light far above you. In your mind’s eye, see this point of light grow larger as you focus on it. Try to feel its warmth and power.

Inhale, and pull a stream of white light down into the top of your head. Exhale, and feel it spread throughout your body, removing any and all invading energies that don’t belong. Focus on the knowledge that this light is cleansing you, freeing you. Continue pulling down the light. Feel it fill you until you are bursting with it, until it bleeds through your pores and into your aura. See yourself encased in a sphere of white light and hold this vision for a few moments.

Then inhale, exhale, and go on with your day.

You can actually turn this technique into a banishing ritual, if you want. Once you are encased in the white light, and feel purified and cleansed, take a deep inhalation, and, with a forceful exhale, expand the sphere outward in an explosive blast wave until it encompasses your entire room. See this wave of light and force burn away anything that means you harm. When it hits the walls of your room, see it form into scales upon the surface, sealing itself into an impenetrable barrier.

You can say something like “I seal this place, it’s boundary made perfect, in the name of the Most High (whatever you conceive that to be).” Or you can just let the image fade without saying anything, knowing you are protected.

It’s quick and dirty but it’ll do.


Thank you so much for the knowledge and advice. I said I was into chaos magick, not preforming it just yet, would that sigil be considered chaos?

Also what’s the worst a Sigil can do to you? I might relay this information to the people that blindly drew it on their bodies.
(The Sigil faded but the connection still there)

Also you might know what that Sigil is? I’ve been trying to do research on it since OP doesn’t reveal information about it.

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Sigil magick originated with an obscure artist by the name of Austin Osman Spare, and was brought into the mainstream occult by the rise of Chaos Magick in the 1960’s and 70’s. Sigils are one of the main techniques of that paradigm.

What sigils can do to you depends entirely on what it was designed to do.

Most sigils are personally created, or sometimes channelled from discarnate intelligences, so you most likely won’t find the sigil anywhere else.

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So it is only wise to make your own Sigils and do with those you trust with your life?

Thank you very much DarkestKnight, you’ve been a great help! I appreciate this very much.

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It is always best to make your own sigils, but if you are competent in energy sensing, you can usually scan a sigil and find out the intent behind it.

There are some sigils on this forum, for example, made by members that are clean and freely given for others to experiment with.

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Thanks and I’ll learn more, I’m sure of it

Also could these Sigils hurt or possibly kill these people who have taken part in it? Even if they strongly disbelieve it?

Unlikely it could kill anyone, but it could cause harm certainly, if that was indeed the intention behind it.