Linking a servitor to someone else, realtime influence?

How could one link a made servitor to a target? If I tell my servitor to go to a far target, does the distance matter? :thinking: or is it instantaneous?
Also Time isnt linear in the astral afaik… can a servitor work in real-time, as if affecting someone on the other side when directed to? Sort of like an influence happening in real-time
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Servitors’ Do have a temperament and if it’s strong enough it can make changes to yours or their reality but it depends on how much “push” you can give this “force” that you want instant. It depends on the person and what they’re doing — I’ve seen voodoo / vodoun and middle eastern practices (djinn) do indeed have this nature about them that is seen as more instant, the veil between us and them is thin and they can run fast instead of calling upon another being that must summon itself here.

I don’t know about time, it seems subjective — some things are quick & some are slow we can’t sway from the general idea of it really except giving energy and manipulation — if you want to link someone you just needed something that personalises them such as items, a photo, anything tethered to it to be honest.
What do u have in mind?

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I see… :thinking:
And its basically sort of a manipulation to happen on their part.
Hmm I guess I’ll give it a good shot!

Well, if you programmed it to trigger on behaviors or scenarios, then that would be the trigger and it should then perform the actions you’re wanting (or attempt to). Distance shouldn’t much matter if it’s created in advance. Programming the trigger during creation is the only way to really get a real-time effect (or attempt) at distance.

@Whitehowlite do u mean the djinn itself of a servitor with djinn characteristics?

also if a servitor is strong is it at good as a spell ?
because basically its transmuting energy

You can command the servitor to link itself or you if you have basic level of energy manipulation can link the two yourself. Servitors are a very common way of influence in psionics.

yea but are they as good as a spell put on so to speak?

@mxa Depends on the purpose i guess
Servitor can aid u in long term too

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